Women in Ahmedabad back Shah for giving midnight freedom

| Updated: 03 May, 2024 4:14 pm IST
The localites of Ahmedabad underscores the women safety across the state of Gujarat.

AHMEDABAD: With the setting of the sun in Ahmedabad, the city began to awaken with a different kind of energy. Amidst the bustling streets and vibrant atmosphere, a group of working women, Nisha, Parita Dave, and Risha, boast of its nightlife and women’s safety while the New Indian Team discovers them sitting late in the night enjoying waffles.

As they shared their experiences, Parita expressed her admiration for Ahmedabad’s development. “Yes, development is good in Gujarat, we gather at night because Ahmedabad’s nightlife is better than other cities. Here, we feel safe, we can sit the whole night enjoying the sweet delicacies Gujarat has to offer, and the weather is also pleasant at night.” Nisha, a compliance officer, said in agreement “The city as well as the city is safe for women, we are happy with the development.”

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“Women feel safe across Gujarat, as well as Ahmedabad, Delhi and Mumbai. Life is complicated, we can say Modi is far better than Congress. Risha opined. As the night progresses, the New Indian Team then ventures into the city’s heart, encountering families and couples alike, enjoying the safe nightlife, such a family enjoying ice golas also expressed their belief in the government and praises the law and order management in the city.

Nikhil, one of the males in the family, said, “Here, the BJP will form the government again, citing women’s safety as one of the reasons. Women’s safety is good; if you come here, you will find that even at 2 am, ladies wander around, no male has a problem with women being out even at 2 am.” The elderly member of the family, his mother and other female members, agreed on the issue of women’s safety in the state.

On the other hand, a couple, Pragnesh Rana and his wife, stated, “Ahmedabad is safe, and law and order are well maintained here, we give its credit to Modi.” Rana added, “The BJP has been here since 1998, and everyone has contributed, but the traffic problem persists despite the Metro, the city is on the way to becoming the next metropolitan city.”

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A young student, Manvir Singh, credited the government, saying, “I believe that Gujarat is much safer in terms of women’s safety than other states.” The voices of local women further supported Manvir’s statement: “Gujarat is much safer than other states because of the BJP, I think people are aware that the BJP is the party that can bring about much development.”

The Union home minister, Amit Shah defeated CJ Chavda of Congress in 2019 and this time Congress has nominated Sonal Patel to contest against Shah, who is seeking a second term. Patel is Congress’s co-incharge of Maharashtra and former president of Gujarat Mahila Congress.

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