Israeli PM Netanyahu’s Christmas message: We are dealing with monsters

NEW DELHI | Updated: 25 December, 2023 7:36 pm IST
Israeli PM Netanyahu affirms Gaza's population will not be displaced.

NEW DELHI: In a solemn Christmas message issued on Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reached out to Christians worldwide, highlighting the ongoing conflict in Israel.

“Merry Christmas to our Christian friends around the world,” he conveyed, juxtaposing the festive spirit with the stark reality that “Israel still does not know peace.”

While Christmas traditionally embodies a time of goodwill and peace, Netanyahu lamented the absence of such sentiments in their region. He expressed, “Christmas is supposed to be a time of goodwill to all men and peace on Earth. Well, we don’t have peace on Earth, not in our part anyway, and we certainly don’t seek goodwill to all men.”

Painting a grim picture, Netanyahu described Israelis facing adversaries he referred to as “monsters.” He detailed horrific acts, stating, “We’re facing monsters who murdered children in front of their parents and parents in front of their children, who raped and beheaded women, who burned babies alive, who took babies hostage.”

Netanyahu asserted that the conflict transcends Israel against these adversaries; it symbolises a broader battle of civilisation against barbarism. He asserted, “This is a battle, not only of Israel against these barbarians; it’s a battle of civilisation against barbarism. And I know in this, we have your support.”

Expressing gratitude, Netanyahu thanked the country’s allies and friends for their unwavering support and prayers. He underscored the importance of unity in the face of adversity, believing that victory in the conflict would safeguard shared values and a collective future.

The ongoing strife has resulted in significant casualties, with over 15,000 Palestinians and 1,200 Israeli civilians losing their lives since the conflict erupted on October 7. Lebanon has also witnessed multiple casualties, reporting Israeli strikes on Hezbollah militants. The Prime Minister remains hopeful that unity and resilience will ultimately lead to a secure future for the nation.

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