Benjamin Netanyahu

UN holds emergency session after deadly Gaza airstrike

The United Nations Security Council has scheduled an emergency meeting for today following a deadly Israeli airstrike on a displaced persons camp in Rafah, a city in southern Gaza.

MEA advises against travel to Iran and Israel

New Delhi: In light of the current volatile situation in the region, the Indian government has issued a travel advisory urging its citizens to refrain from traveling to Iran or Israel until further notice. The advisory, dated April 12, 2024, comes amidst escalating tensions and security concerns in both countries. Travel advisory for Iran and […]

Netanyahu clarifies: No intention to remove Gaza’s population | Watch

 NEW DELHI: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated on Wednesday evening that Israel has no plans to permanently control Gaza or force its civilian population to leave. This comes in response to demands from hard-right ministers to reestablish Israeli settlements in the region and promote the emigration of Palestinians, which Netanyahu rejected. The PM shared […]

Israel, Palestine must end war

India has demonstrated its leadership and influence in the region and the world, and its ability to contribute to the global efforts to address the challenges and opportunities in the Middle East.

Israeli PM Netanyahu’s Christmas message: We are dealing with monsters

NEW DELHI: In a solemn Christmas message issued on Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reached out to Christians worldwide, highlighting the ongoing conflict in Israel. “Merry Christmas to our Christian friends around the world,” he conveyed, juxtaposing the festive spirit with the stark reality that “Israel still does not know peace.” While Christmas traditionally […]

Angelina Jolie’s father expresses disappointment over her support for Palestine | watch

NEW DELHI: Actor Jon Voight, who is a member of the Republican party, recently expressed his dissatisfaction with his daughter Angelina Jolie for criticising Israel and claiming that it bombs civilian targets in Gaza on purpose, referring to the area as a “mass grave.” Jon took to the social media platform Instagram and posted a video […]

Mob attack on Russian airport targets Jews aboard flight from Israel

One protester could be seen in the videos holding a sign that read: "Child killers have no place in Dagestan."

Israel-Palestine war: No war if I was president, says Donald Trump

Israel-Palestine war| No war if I was Prez: Donald Trump

Israel’s reply to Hamas will change the Middle East, says PM Netanyahu

NEW DELHI: With rising tensions between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Monday that their action in the Gaza Strip would be unparalleled and would have a transformative impact on the Middle East. In a meeting with the mayors of districts neighbouring the southern borders of the nation, […]

How sour has the Bibi-Biden relationship become?

Israel and the United States have enjoyed a special relationship for years, marked by comprehensive intelligence, security, strategic partnership cooperation, free trade economic engagement, and socio-cultural ties. However, the rise of orthodox religious parties and an attempt for a judicial overhaul in Israel has impacted this historical alliance with the US. Israel’s recent domestic politics […]