Israel challenges Trump’s Hezbollah statement, White House labels it ‘unhinged’

| Updated: 13 October, 2023 1:31 pm IST

NEW DELHI: Israel has fired back on US’s former President Donald Trump for his remarks about the Hezbollah militant group. The White House had earlier called the comments praising the Iran-backed group by Trump “dangerous and unhinged”.

On Thursday, Trump had slammed both Israeli authorities and the Biden administration for opening up about the weak spot, the north side, of Israel which helped the Hezbollah group in attacking the Israeli soldiers. The former president called the militant group, which supports the Palestinian Hamas group, ‘smart’ praising them for taking advantage of such lapses.

Israeli communications minister Shlomo, on a local media Channel 13, said, “It is shameful that a man like that, a former US president, abets propaganda and disseminates things that wound the spirit of Israel’s fighters and its citizens.”

Trump has also said that such an attack would not have happened if he was still the President of the US.

The White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates responded to his comments by saying, “It’s completely lost on us why any American would ever praise an Iran-backed terrorist organization as smart.”

He further called his remarks “dangerous and unhinged”. Trump is also facing heat from his own party members, where several of his opponents have criticised him.

Even the former Vice President Mike Pence has said that this is no time to make such remarks. “This is no time for any former president or any other American leader to be sending any message other than America stands with Israel,” he said.

In the meantime, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis called his comment ‘absurd’. He said, “It is absurd that anyone, much less someone running for president, would choose now to attack our friend and ally, Israel, much less praise Hezbollah terrorists as very smart.”

The war has reached the seventh day since its start on Saturday when the Hamas terror group entered Israel.

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