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Assassination bid on Trump: Blot on US democracy

The assassination attempt on the 44th President of the US, Donald Trump at a public rally on Saturday marks a dark chapter in the history of American democracy. The bullet, which narrowly missed the centre of his head and struck his ear, serves as a stark reminder of the shrinking space for democratic values in […]

Joe Biden admits age after debate

President Joe Biden said on Friday that he plans to defeat Republican rival Donald Trump in the upcoming November presidential election.

Democrats angered by special counsel report questioning Biden’s memory

NEW DELHI: Democrats are furious over a special counsel report, heightening concerns regarding US President Biden’s memory, amplifying a longstanding issue that poses a significant political risk for the party in November. In a 388-page document, special counsel Robert Hur contended that it would be improbable for a jury to find the president guilty for […]

Who is Tucker Carlson and why did Putin talk to him?

NEW DELHI: Tucker Carlson, a polarising figure in American media circles, recently sat down for an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. At 54, Carlson made history as the first Western journalist to have such a conversation with Putin since Russia’s involvement in Ukraine nearly two years ago. But who exactly is Tucker Carlson, and […]

How does US2024 look with Vivek Ramaswamy gone

While Vivek sure helped reduce the neocon-favourite Nikki Haley’s chances and put Trump ahead in the Republican race, there is no saying how much of a change would be cascaded during this round if Trump wins.

Trump wins New Hampshire GOP primary, besting Nikki Haley

NEW DELHI: In the New Hampshire primary, US former President Donald Trump emerged victorious, delivering a setback to his sole remaining significant competitor, Nikki Haley, and reinforcing his position as the probable nominee of the Republican party. Associated Press declared Trump the winner of the contest at 8 pm on Tuesday. At that point, he […]

Trump, Ramaswamy join hands post-Iowa caucus win

Trump thanked the Indian-American entrepreneur for endorsing him after Ramaswamy withdrew from the presidential race, hinting at a collaborative future.

Candidates vying for 2024 US presidential race

NEW DELHI: The 2024 presidential race in the US is witnessing a multitude of contenders, yet the majority find themselves overshadowed by the prominent figures from the 2020 election – President Biden and former President Donald J. Trump. In a recent update, Vivek Ramaswamy chose to suspend his campaign following a lacklustre performance in the […]

World leaders brace for potential Trump resurgence

NEW DELHI: Leaders from all corners of the world are preparing for the possibility of Donald Trump’s return to the White House. The echoes of his convincing win in the Iowa caucuses have sent ripples of concern and anticipation throughout diplomatic circles, prompting nations to reassess strategies and foster connections with key players in Trump’s […]

Upcoming Iowa Caucus and impact it could have globally

A Trump nomination and ultimate win could lead to inconsistent and unpopular policy decisions, reshaping global relations and sparking uncertainty.