Insult to PM: Amit Shah hits back at Congress

Union home minister says insulting Prime Minister will ensure defeat of opposition in 2024

| Updated: 20 February, 2023 8:46 pm IST
Union home minister Amit Shah adressed a rally at Mon in Nagaland 

Union Home Minister Amit Shah lashed out at the Congress party on Monday for insulting Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Shah was reacting to Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera for allegedly making a distasteful remark against PM Modi’s father Damodar Das.

“The language used by a Congress spokesperson (Pawan Khera) for PM Modi today is not his statement. It is a statement that is in accordance with Rahul Gandhi’s nature. Rahul Gandhi used abusive language for PM Modi in 2019 and as a result, Congress lost its opposition status,” said Amit Shah.

He was addressing a gathering in Mon Town in Nagaland, which is due for elections on February 27.

Amit Shah also stated that the Congress party will be defeated in the upcoming 2024 general elections for using derogatory language against Prime Minister Modi.

“The language that has been used (by the Congress spokesperson) today, people will respond to it through the ballot box. In 2024, Congress won’t be visible even when searched using binoculars,” he said.

Earlier in the day, Khera referred to the PM as Narendra ‘Gautam Das’ Modi. However, he later tried to excuse himself by saying that he was genuinely confused about the PM’s middle name.

“If Atal Bihari Vajpayee could form a JPC, then what is the problem with Narendra ‘Gautam Das’ Modi?” he had said while replying to a question related to the Adani-Hindenburg controversy.

However, after making the statement, Khera asked those present around him whether he had gotten the Prime Minister’s middle name correct. “Is it Gautam Das or Damodar Das?” Khera asked, pretending he does not know the name.

Khera then laughed and took a jibe, saying that even though the name is Damodar Das, his actions are similar to those of Gautam Das.

Meanwhile, an FIR was filed under IPC sections 153-A, 500, 504 and 505 against the Congress spokesperson at Hazratganj PS in Lucknow, UP for allegedly making the comment against PM Modi’s father.

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