Dignified Last Rites: Delhi Builds India’s 1st CNG Crematorium For Your Pets

| Updated: 12 June, 2022 11:43 am IST

NEW DELHI: Julius is restless. Tintin is sleepy. The two dogs, a 7-year-old labrador and 10-month-old stray, are inseparable part of Abhilasha Joshi, who works steadfastly to protect lives of pets — either abandoned or injured in the national capital of India, often by rushing in aid to them and their owners.

For once, Joshi is relieved as she hears about an upcoming full-scale CNG-run crematorium in Delhi that will give dignified last rite to a thousand affectionate pets that die a natural or unnatural death.

First of its kind, an environment-friendly cremation centre for pets alone is being set up in Delhi’s Dwarka sector 29.

“It’s a 700-square metre  pet crematorium in India. It all started when we had to frantically search for a place to cremate our own pet dog in an electric crematorium. But there was no hygiene and no place to conduct the rituals. After all, pets are like our family members. We couldnt get him the erfect last ritual. But not any more, ” Sahib Sawhney, MD, Green Revolution Foundation (GRF), who is building this crematorium tells The New Indian.

The upcoming crematorium is being built on a land provided by SDMC. Nearly 70% work has been done . The crematorium is likely to be functional from this July.The crematorium is a public-private partnership between GRF and SDMC.

Pet owners can’t contain their joy at the prospect of  a grand goodbye to their furry friends.

“It’s a big relief for pet owners because till now it has been such a hassle for everyone to bury or cremate pets. The last rite bears a testimony to the bond that a pet has had with us. They deserve equal respect as our family members in their last journey,” says Abhilasha.

Two CNG-based pyres will be installed at the location, says Sawhney.   The pyres usually take 30 minutes to cremate small animals of up to 30 kilograms . The cremation process isn’t heavy on pocket for pet lovers. 

GRF says the cremation for small pet animals like dogs, cats, ships, goats, pigs, each weighing less than 30 kg, will cost Rs 2,000 while it be Rs 3,000 for weights above 30 kg.

Veterinarians believe that such a large-scale place for pets would remove psychological stress from the minds of owners and deepen the relationship between them and pets when they grow old.

“Earlier, we would send some pets to electric crematorium. Or else we would conduct burials too for them. These are the two available market options for owners. But this new option would end the endless and anxious search for a peaceful place in solitude to offer prayers and share grief in bereavement,” says Dr Jain I S Kothari.

GRF says their experience of building electric crematoriums in the past across Uttar Pradesh inspired them to go for this CNG option to provide environment friendly place for a condolence meet. They are also working to minimise the smoke.

“We thought of making a furnace, where we can avoid the chimney. So, we started working on the purification technology and  a furnace to decrease the smoke and eliminate the chimney. Even those we built in UP, we are trying to remove chimney. But Delhi one is total CNG based,” says Sahwney when asked about pollution during cremation.

GRF also runs a CNG crematorium, with two furnaces, in Punjabi Bagh for families. GRF also runs two crematorium in Uttar Pradesh.

“This is our first project for dogs but our projects for humans in Vrindavan and Gorakhpur have been well received. We have competed seven projects and want to take this pan India. So the one for pets is also environmental friendly because the air purification technology which we developed for humans, giving us good results and we are requesting the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) to remove the compulsory guidelines for chimneys,” quips Sawhney.

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