WATCH | Impact of Immigration on French Social Fabric | Analysis

| Updated: 04 September, 2023 5:46 pm IST

Jean, a social activist based in France, reminisces about his childhood when immigrants from African countries first began settling in the French suburbs. Reflecting on his experiences, Jean explains that this gradual influx eventually led to conflicts in the neighborhood, compelling impoverished working-class residents to relocate to other regions around Paris.

He argues that the recent surge in violence and rioting serves as a stark warning. Long-term immigration policies aimed at integrating immigrants into French society are proving to be counterproductive. This is evident with the state incurring a total loss of 650 million Euros during the July riots.

Jean contends that the substantial expenditure on immigrants has failed to yield positive results, while a significant portion of the French population continues to live without basic necessities.

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