France Riots Explained

In search of the French working class and its voice

A series of major protests have sullied French President Emmanuel Macron’s two presidencies. Social unrest keeps arising and has become part of the country’s public life. The example of France is a way to illustrate the challenges faced by Western liberal societies today. The fault-lines in the French society The French government faces a growing […]

INTERVIEW: ‘Muslim immigration destroyed French Working Class’

French social activist Jean in conversation with Editor-in-chief Aarti Tikoo

WATCH | Impact of Immigration on French Social Fabric | Analysis

Jean, a social activist based in France, reminisces about his childhood when immigrants from African countries first began settling in the French suburbs. Reflecting on his experiences, Jean explains that this gradual influx eventually led to conflicts in the neighborhood, compelling impoverished working-class residents to relocate to other regions around Paris. He argues that the […]

WATCH | Calls for FREXIT Gain Momentum in France

An anti-government rally demanding FREXIT (France’s exit from the European Union) was organized by members of Les Patriotes in the heart of Paris on Sunday. The New Indian Editor, Aarti Tikoo, interviews rally participants to understand their expectations from the government and their grievances with the Macron administration.

WATCH | The New Indian Editor in Conversation with Le Monde journalist on France Riots

In this engaging interview, Bruno Philip, Le Monde’s Asia Editor, provides valuable insights into the impact of the killing of Nahel and the ensuing riots on the politics of France. Watch this thought-provoking discussion with TNI Editor Aarti Tikoo to gain a nuanced perspective on the complex challenges facing France today.