I-T raids linked to Odisha Congress MP unearth Rs 290 cr

| Updated: 10 December, 2023 4:49 pm IST

NEW DELHI: Income Tax (I-T) department’s relentless pursuit in Odisha and Jharkhand has led to the seizure of a staggering Rs 290 crores in unaccounted cash. These raids are reportedly associated with Congress Rajya Sabha MP from Jharkhand, Dhiraj Sahu, raising serious concerns about alleged financial irregularities.

The I-T officials continued their searches for the fifth consecutive day on properties connected to the influential Sahu family, including his two managers, Rajesh Sahu and Bunty Sahu. The ongoing interrogation of these managers aims to extract crucial information related to the substantial cash seizures.

The officials persevered with the accounting of seized funds at the State Bank of India (SBI) main branch in Bolangir. According to reports, an increase in manpower and counting machines has been dedicated to make the process more efficient and less time consuming.

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Out of the 176 bags confiscated 106 have been counted from which a substantial Rs 290 crore has already been recovered. The 70 other bags are slated to be counted, intensifying the investigation’s scale.

Meanwhile, the assessment of seized funds has concluded in Titlagarh and Sambalpur, where the former witnessed the confiscation of approximately Rs 11 crore, while the latter recorded a seizure of Rs 37.50 crore.

These ongoing developments underscore a significant crackdown on alleged financial discrepancies, shedding light on irregularities and prompting further investigations into the individuals involved.

The links between these cash seizures and the Congress MP have propelled the inquiry into a high-stakes scenario, raising questions about financial transparency and accountability.

Earlier, the Karnataka Congress had questioned the financial seizures made at a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA’s residence. The raids had recovered an amount of Rs 8 crore.

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