Gin Got Delhi Over The Weekend & The City Got Back Its Vibe!

| Updated: 04 April, 2022 9:27 pm IST

NEW DELHI: After one-year hiatus, Gin Explorers Club, a city fest that celebrates the spirit was back with a bang with Delhiites thronging DLF Promenade over the weekend to taste the best on offer in the country. Founded by Anjali Batra and Shuchir Suri in 2017 and curated by Food Talk India, Gin Explorer’s Club is India’s largest celebration of gin.

“All we wanted was to make India fall in love with Gin!” shared the organisers at the fest. “We started out with a guest list of 50 people in 2017. Going by the popularity and numbers, the response has been phenomenal over the years,” they added.

Themed Space City Edition, this was the fourth edition of the Gin Explorers Club that was held on April 2 and 3 in the city. In five years, the Club has emerged as India’s Biggest Gin Festival that provides an immersive experience as they bring multiple Gin brands, eateries, music and more — all under a single roof.

This juniper fuelled exploration saw both home-grown and international gin brands taking part in the festival. Among the participating brands were Beats Spirits, Beefeater, Bombay Sapphire, Bulldog, Gordon’s, Greater Than, Greater Than: No Sleep, Jaisalmer, Monkey 47, Roku, Samsara, Samsara-The Pink City, Stranger & Sons, Stranger & Sons: Perry Road Peru, Tanqueray, Tanqueray 10 and Terai.

Sanjeev Banga, President, International Business, Radico Khaitan (8PM, Jaisalmer, Magic Moments) told The New Indian, “For two years, we have been waiting to enjoy and party. Look at the crowd! It (the venue) is packed. Everyone is in love with Gin. I am so happy about the response Gin is getting in India.”



Monkey-47 and Bombay Sapphire were the biggest drawers among the varieties that were glugged by the young tipplers. Bartending competitions, innovative concoctions and unusual pairings brought out the best in the talented young lot, much to the delight of the visitors.

“I didn’t choose the profession, so to say. Bartending happened to us by chance,” shared bartenders Swapna and Jainat, who added that the alco-world is now well open to women bartenders. “You can safely assume that 7% of women across India are engaged in bartending,” they added.

Jade Forest, the homegrown tonic partner, had set up a bar where they showcased their thoughtfully crafted flavoured tonics that pair perfectly with the spirit. GEC also featured a fabulous selection of Pop-Up Restaurants by Burgerama, Francesco’s Pizzeria, Yeti, Koyla Kebab and Master Chow.

Never mind the navratras, the visitors made their fair share of contribution in upping the non-vegetarian food sales. Most important, it was the vibe that had people grooving and celebrating, reminding you of pre-covid times when fests were a trend in the city. In all, the Gin fest was all about making ‘Gin-ful’ moments with the close ones!

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