EXC: No Innocent Will Be Challaned But Govt Should Check Illegals In Jahangirpuri, says Minority Chief

| Updated: 19 April, 2022 12:18 am IST

NEW DELHI: National commission for minorities chief Iqbal Singh Lalpura, a representative of the Centre, on Monday sought to address concerns of the overwhelming population of Muslims of Jahangirpuri  neighbourhood of Delhi in the wake of the Saturday clash, saying no “innocent person will be challaned” but minced no words on attacks on policemen with gun even as he said that government should now verify the identity of those who don’t belong to this country.

“I have come here as not an investigating officer. The law and order situation is handled by the police and administration. We are here to see that no innocent person is challaned and no criminal is left and peace is restored. Justice is done to everyone,” Lalpura told The New Indian.

“The administration should see whether these people belong to this country. It’s not for the commission to see that,” he pointed out.

TNI photo by Sumit Kumar

Lalpura regretted the use of gun by the civilians on cops of Delhi Police which had reached the site of clash to defuse the situation.

“In this particular case, it is for the first time we have seen that police got injuries” said Lalpura, who has himself served as an IPS officer in Punjab.

“It’s strange that a civilian got a simple injury but policemen got serious wounds here,” he pointed out.

TNI photo by Sumit Kumar

The former policeman also said that even though the clash took place on the occasion of Hanuman birthday but that Muslims are also observing Ramadan this month by keeping fasts.

“This is a holy month of Ramadan and we should carry only message of peace. We need to maintain communal harmony. I visited the holy shrine of Ajmer Sharif and offered the chadar. Our religions teach us one thing to maintain harmony and live together,” said Lalpura.

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