Delhi Police awaits forensic report in reopened 2005 cash for query case

| Updated: 15 May, 2024 12:54 pm IST

New Delhi: The 2005 Cash for Query case has seen a new development. The Crime Branch of the Delhi Police has collected specimen signatures from two senior journalists, Anirudh Bahal and Subhashiraj, both associated with Cobra Post.

The future course of action will be decided by the Delhi Police based on the report from handwriting experts from the Forensic Department.

In a conversation with The New Indian, Anirudh Bahal stated that they have no involvement in the matter. “That MP had raised the issue that some people forged his signature to raise questions in Parliament. This plea was raised during the time of the enquiry also (in 2005). And the inquiry had disregarded that it was all frivolous. I don’t know why they are raising it again,” Mr Bahal said.

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The Crime Branch of the Delhi Police is currently investigating the matter. The FIR was lodged based on the complaint of former Member of Parliament Ram Sewak. He alleged that his signatures were forged by unknown persons to raise questions in the Lok Sabha in 2005.

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On December 13, 2005, the matter was reported to the then Speaker of the Lok Sabha. The FIR in the matter was lodged on July 14, 2017, at PS Parliament Street Police Station. Later, the matter was handed over to the Crime Branch.

In the original case, 11 MPs (ten from Lok Sabha and 1 from Rajya Sabha) were accused of allegedly taking money to raise questions in the Parliament. They were from different parties. The then UPA Government had immediately expelled all of them.

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