G20 Summit in Kashmir debunks western media propaganda post-370

It’s only after the removal of 'special status', India now has the opportunity to showcase how special Kashmir is to the world through G20 summit

NIA, SIA crackdown crushes the backbone of terror financing in J&K

The only way to end terrorism is to make it unprofitable. NIA and SIA with their operations have dealt a fatal blow to the terror financing networks both within and across the borders

Assam’s brave efforts to overcome polygamy paves way to tackle tricky issue of UCC

During the crackdown on child marriage in Assam since January this year, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma revealed that polygamy, both formal and informal, was prevalent in the state.

The Afghan legacy in Ukraine and Taiwan 

Proxy wars have existed for a long time, but the Afghan conflict marked the most notable return of proxy warfare in contemporary times.

India must give China taste of its own medicine; name, claim territory in Aksai Chin

China’s recent move to rename places in Arunachal Pradesh that Beijing claims as part of Southern Tibet, has been met with strong opposition from India. This is not the first time China has made such an attempt, and India has rejected it outright, stating that these invented names will not affect India’s sovereignty over the […]