NIA, SIA crackdown crushes the backbone of terror financing in J&K

The only way to end terrorism is to make it unprofitable. NIA and SIA with their operations have dealt a fatal blow to the terror financing networks both within and across the borders

| Updated: 18 May, 2023 8:35 pm IST

The relentless efforts of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and the State Investigation Agency (SIA) have not only put an end to the reign of terror but have also dealt a severe blow to the financial lifelines of terrorist organizations operating in Jammu and Kashmir.

The NIA has been aggressively targeting the machinery responsible for terror funding, aiming to dismantle the intricate web of financial support that sustains terrorist activities in the region. In a recent operation, the agency conducted a series of raids in Anantnag, Srinagar, Pulwama, Shopian, and Budgam districts of Kashmir, resulting in the seizure of incriminating materials and crucial documents.

These raids were part of the ongoing investigations into a terror conspiracy case, specifically focused on the activities of Overground Workers (OGWs) and cadres associated with newly-formed terror outfits such as The Resistance Front (TRF), United Liberation Front Jammu & Kashmir (ULFJ&K), Mujahideen Gazwat-ul-Hind (MGH), Jammu & Kashmir Freedom Fighters (JKFF), Kashmir Tigers, and PAAF, among others. The NIA’s findings exposed the involvement of Pakistan-based operatives in the delivery of arms, ammunition, explosives, and narcotics to these cadres and workers via drones. Additionally, social media platforms were extensively used to establish connections between operatives across the border and OGWs in Kashmir.

In a parallel effort, the SIA conducted raids in Jammu and Poonch districts, aiming to uncover the logistical and funding channels of terrorism originating from Pakistan and its ISI network. These actions by the SIA were part of the ongoing investigations into terror funding cases that are crucial in exposing the support systems behind extremist activities.

These crackdowns have severed the financial arteries that nourish the terrorist outfits. It has been revealed that significant sources of terrorist financing include the diaspora, domestic channels, narcotics trade, arms smuggling, counterfeit currency, Zakat money, and funds from international Islamic organizations and OIC countries.

The diaspora, including Pakistani Kashmiris, has long been known for their contributions to Kashmiri militant outfits operating on Indian soil. Additionally, narcotics trade, deeply intertwined with terrorism, has been a significant source of funding. Pakistan’s involvement in narco-terrorism can be traced back to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, with the proceeds being diverted towards funding the ongoing Kashmir jihad.
Foreign funding has been found to surpass domestic sources in magnitude. Extremist organizations like Al Rasheed Trust and Markaz-ul-Dawa-Ishad, operating from Pakistan, actively seek donations for “welfare work” in Kashmir, while the Hawala system acts as an underground banking channel facilitating the flow of funds from OIC countries to terrorist groups in J&K.

The actions of the NIA and SIA have dealt a significant blow to these funding networks, disrupting the financial support required to sustain extremist activities. By severing the financial lifelines, the agencies have not only ended the reign of terror but have also struck at the heart of these malevolent organizations.

However, it is crucial to remain vigilant and continue dismantling the terrorist financing ecosystem, exposing their sources of funding, and bringing those responsible to justice. The joint efforts of NIA and SIA serve as a testament to the unwavering commitment to protect the people of Jammu and Kashmir from the grip of terrorism.

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