Time to convict political conspirators, perpetrators of Sikh, Pandit killings

Delayed justice is better than no justice at all.

India must stay firm until Trudeau stops backing Khalistan

Canada has harbored and shielded India's designated terrorists, which raises questions about its commitment to international counter-terrorism efforts.

Editorial: India’s sedition law has got nothing to do with FoE

India's Sedition Law, as recommended by the Law Commission, is a crucial step towards preserving national security

TNI Editorial: Dawkins joins hate-India, hate-Hinduism cabal

Richard Dawkins, an evolutionary biologist and one of the four ‘Gods’ of the 21st-century New Atheism movement, known for its cultish following and radical adherents, has resorted to attacking India and Hinduism. Dawkins, like many celebrity white men whose influence is on the wane, has taken to sermonizing on Indian democracy and launching verbal assaults […]

India’s new parliament building symbolises freedom from colonial past

Emblematic 'Sengol' in new Parliament symbolizes India's freedom struggle & shift of power from British. Hitherto ignored, now acknowledged. A sacred symbol of reverence.