Adani targeted via Parliament account: Darshan Hiranandani’s blow to Mahua Moitra

NEW DELHI | Updated: 20 October, 2023 1:04 pm IST
Hiranandani has now targetted Mahua Moitra

He reportedly mentioned that Moitra was advised by her friends and advisors that the shortest possible route to fame was by personally attacking Modi

NEW DELHI: Dubai-based businessman, Darshan Hiranandani, has allegedly stated in his affidavit that TMC MP Mahua Moitra provided him with access to her Lok Sabha website login credentials for personal gain. This was for the purpose of sending him information, which she would then use to pose inquiries in Parliament.

“Mahua did it all to embarrass the central government by targeting the Adani group with questions that she could raise in Parliament. I went along with her proposal,” read Hiranandani’s affidavit. He has stated that he found Moitra to be very ambitious, wanting to quickly make a name for herself at the national level.

He reportedly mentioned that Moitra was advised by her friends and advisors that the shortest possible route to fame was by personally attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“The only problem was that Modi enjoyed an impeccable reputation and was not giving any opportunity to anyone to attack him in policy, governance, or personal conduct. She thought that the only way to attack Modi was by targeting businessman Gautam Adani and his group, as both were contemporaries and they belonged to the same state of Gujarat.

The submitted letter by Darshan Hiranandani elaborating on the charges of favouritism for Mahua

“She was helped by the fact that the rise of Gautam Adani had created jealousy and detractors among some sections of businesses, politics, and media, both within and outside the country. So she expected support from these sections in her endeavour to malign and embarrass the Prime Minister by targeting Adani,” his affidavit read.

Hiranandani has further mentioned that Moitra knew that the Indian Oil Corporation preferred to enter into a long-term off-take agreement with Dhamra LNG, a joint venture company of the Adani group, and not with his (Hiranandani’s) companies.

He stated that based on this information, Moitra drafted a few questions that would have elements to embarrass the government by targeting the Adani group; questions that she could raise in Parliament.

“She was delighted with the response she received from the first set of questions I had sent her relating to the Adani group. She told me that she was particularly happy with the response and support she got from the Opposition members and certain sections of the media.

“She, therefore, requested me to keep supporting her in her attacks on the Adani group and provided me her Parliament login and password so that I could post the questions directly on her behalf when required,” Hiranandani said in the affidavit.

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