AAP alleges PMO conspiracy behind graffiti targeting Kejriwal

| Updated: 20 May, 2024 4:02 pm IST

NEW DELHI: Allegations have emerged from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) regarding graffiti with threatening messages against Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, found at Rajiv Chowk and Patel Nagar metro stations in Delhi. AAP’s MP Sanjay Singh has attributed these threats to a conspiracy originating from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), accusing the BJP of plotting an assault on Kejriwal.

Sanjay Singh said, “The BJP has been in a state of panic ever since Arvind Kejriwal came out of jail. The BJP is now plotting to launch a deadly attack on Arvind Kejriwal. This conspiracy is being conducted directly from the Prime Minister’s Office. A threat of attack on Kejriwal ji has been written at Rajiv Chowk and Patel Nagar Metro stations.”

Further reports suggest similar messages were found inside metro carriages. AAP leader Atishi raised concerns over the BJP’s alleged actions, suggesting they stem from fear of electoral defeat in Delhi’s Lok Sabha elections. She also implicated Swati Maliwal in the BJP’s efforts to target Kejriwal.

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Atishi expressed alarm over Kejriwal’s safety, alleging, “A man scribbled graffiti on the walls of three metro stations – Rajiv Chowk, Patel Chowk, and Patel Nagar. The images of the graffiti have also been uploaded on social media. These stations are under CCTVs and security personnel are posted round-the-clock. Why are the police not acting on it? Where is the Cyber Cell? This shows that this is being orchestrated by the BJP.”

Reiterating the gravity of the situation, Singh accused PM Modi and the BJP of harboring animosity towards Kejriwal, to the extent of plotting his demise. “PM Narendra Modi and the BJP are so immersed in hatred and revenge that they are conspiring to kill Arvind Kejriwal ji. I want to tell the government, administration, and Election Commission that if anything happens to Arvind Kejriwal, the PMO, BJP, and Narendra Modi will be responsible for it,” he said.

In a related development earlier this month, the Supreme Court granted Kejriwal interim bail amidst the Lok Sabha elections. His arrest on March 21 was linked to allegations concerning the Delhi excise policy case.

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In another accusation last week, Swati Maliwal charged Kejriwal’s aide, Bibhav Kumar, with assault.

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