2nd phase| Kaam Congress ne kiya, lekin lehar Modi hi ki hai: Rajasthan voters in Kota

| Updated: 26 April, 2024 4:44 pm IST
Rohan Dua record the ground sentiments of voters in Kota on the voting day.

KOTA: The second phase of the Lok Sabha elections on April 26 in the Kota constituency witnessed a unique choice by voters. On the ground report covered by The New Indian, voters were seen favouring the BJP over Congress, despite the latter’s work in the constituency, due to their impression and name of Modi.

Kota, renowned for its premier coaching institutes, is the constituency of the MP and Lok Sabha Speaker, who aims to maintain his winning streak for the third time. This time he is facing competition from Prahlad Gunjan of the Congress, who defected from the BJP. Additionally, the presence of Shanti Dhariwal, former MP of Kota and incumbent MLA of Kota North from Congress, adds another dimension to the electoral dynamics with his track record of developmental initiatives.

As The New Indian team walked into the heart of Kota, they recorded similar sentiments among voters largely impressed with Modi’s leadership. A couple who cast their early vote said, ” The win of the Modi government is guaranteed, we support him for the key issues of education and jobs.”

Sumitra Gaud and her son also emphasised the improvement of the education system as the key issue and attributed Kota’s progress to Om Birla. Satya Narayan, another voter, underscored Modi’s global stature. He said, “Modi will win; his name resonates worldwide. Rahul can’t do anything, though Shanti Dhariwal and Congress have worked, it’s just a mere show-off. Om Birla is the Speaker; he has a different identity, which is why he should win. Modi has done good work; he has gained world recognition and has also worked for the Hindu religion.”

Ratan Meena, a housewife, backed Satya Narayan’s statement, “Shanti Dhariwal has worked, but Modi should win.”



However, amidst the overwhelming support for the BJP, there were voices like Saroj Kharwal who acknowledged the developmental strides made by Congress in Kota. Meena Devi and Shanti, the women voters, echoed a general satisfaction with the incumbent administration’s performance. They said, “Yes, we are happy; it’s all good in Kota.”

Rohit Chaukniwal, a local resident, after casting his vote, talks about the neutral stance of voters. He said, “I have cast my vote. If I speak about the Hadoti region, then Congress has done more work than BJP. It is a toe-to-toe fight, but the Modi wave is also evident here. Now, we can’t conclusively say who will win.”

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