YouTuber Elvish Yadav accused in snake venom case, chargesheet filed

| Updated: 23 May, 2024 11:19 am IST
IR filed against Elvish Yadav for supplying snake venom at rave party

NOIDA: A chargesheet has been filed against popular YouTuber Elvish Yadav in connection with a snake venom case. The chargesheet alleges that Yadav was in contact with a snake charmer named Rahul through his aides.

The Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) report from Jaipur confirmed that the liquids recovered from Rahul at a banquet hall in Noida were indeed venom from snakes such as cobras, kraits, Russell’s vipers, and vipers.

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Yadav did not communicate directly with Rahul. Instead, he contacted Ishwar Yadav and others through his associate Vinay Yadav. He used a virtual number via the internet to facilitate this communication.

The chargesheet also reveals that Yadav invited foreign nationals to shoot videos involving the smuggled snakes. The venom extracted from these snakes was then converted into drugs in the form of pills.

Vinay Yadav and Ishwar Yadav are accused of organizing rave parties where they brought venomous snakes. The venom from these snakes was allegedly used as a drug during these parties.

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Rahul, the accused snake charmer, admitted that he could procure snakes from Gurgaon and Jaipur. He confessed to working for Elvish Yadav out of greed for money. “He was called to the event using Elvish Yadav’s name. Rahul admitted his involvement in multiple programs of Elvish Yadav, where he brought venomous snakes and their venom in exchange for substantial payments. He confessed to attending parties organized by Elvish Yadav in Noida and other locations, bringing snakes and venom as instructed. He claimed to have done so out of financial necessity,” read the chargesheet.

The case continues to unfold as investigations proceed.

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