Why does India matter to world? EAM Dr Jaishankar explains

EAM says that India matters because the world sees a nation that will not be coerced and will do what it takes to ensure its national security

NEW DELHI | Updated: 15 January, 2023 3:27 pm IST
Dr Jaishankar addressed a gathering on 53rd Anniversary Day of Thuglak magazine in Chennai

One of the key aims of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to put the focus on India’s foreign policy to raise the country’s stature in the world.

On January 15, Union External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar discussed India’s foreign policies, its approach to terrorism, and reclaiming history as reasons why India matters to the rest of the world.

“India matters because global opportunities and challenges cannot be separated and India counts on both scores. India matters when it is perceived as an example by many in the Global South. India matters when it makes a greater contribution to global production and services,” Dr Jaishankar said while addressing a gathering on 53rd Anniversary Day of Thuglak magazine in Chennai.

“India will matter when it returns to history and recognises its extended neighbourhoods. Also, when we reclaim our history. Rising India wants to engage the world more, not less. India will matter more when it is more authentically India,” he said.

“India matters because its diplomacy is keeping pace with a changing world. Importantly, a 360-degree outlook under the PM Modi government is the reason why India matters,” EAM said.

Dr. Jaishankar spoke at length to a gathering in Chennai about the challenges the country faces as a result of terrorism. “National well-being has many facets, but national security is without question its basic foundation. All countries are tested in this regard, but we perhaps have had more than our fair share – ranging from insurgencies and wars to cross-border terrorism, especially insurgencies, and so on.”

“Our patient approach has created the risk of normalising terrorism, which is why Uri and Balakot sent a much-needed message,” Dr Jaishankar said, referring to the Uri and Balakot operations, which not only demonstrated to the world what Indian defence forces are capable of. The operations gave a clear message to the world that there is a limit to India’s patience when it comes to terrorism.

Speaking about the threats posed by China, Dr Jaishankar said, “On the northern borders, China is today seeking to change the status quo by bringing large forces in violation of our agreements.”

Praising the Indian security forces for their responses against the aggressive overtures adopted by the Chinese military, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), Dr Jaishankar said, “Despite COVID, in May 2020, our counter-response was strong and firm. These troops, deployed in thousands, safeguard our frontiers in the most extreme terrain and harshest weather and they continue to do so to this date.”

“India matters because the world sees a nation that will not be coerced and will do what it takes to ensure its national security,” EAM said, making a clear statement.

Speaking about 1947, when the nation was divided based on religion, Dr Jaishankar said, “History may be a mixed blessing for most States. In India’s case, its 1947 partition not only reduced its stature but also cut us off from nearby regions where we long enjoyed respect and influence.”

He also added, “Returning to history and recognising our extended neighbourhood is one more reason why India matters. India truly matters when it reclaims its history.”

“In recent years, the graduation from look east to act east policy has highlighted the seriousness of connectivity and security interests in Southeast Asia,” Dr Jaishankar said, highlighting India’s foreign policy shift.

“A parallel effort has also been made with the Gulf to rebuild other long-standing associations that have been disrupted. After decades of limiting these ties to energy and immigration, India is working to create a full-fledged relationship,” he said.

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