Water crisis deepens in Delhi amid heatwave

Delhi is grappling with severe water shortages, with residents reporting inconsistent supplies and delays

| Updated: 14 June, 2024 7:34 pm IST
Delhi is grappling with severe water shortages
Delhi is grappling with severe water shortages

New Delhi: Delhi is grappling with severe water shortages, with residents reporting inconsistent supplies and delays in water tanker deliveries that stretch for days.


The heatwave sweeping across India has exacerbated the situation, increasing both power and water consumption. The scarcity of freshwater is becoming a pressing issue as water tables continue to drop. Climate change is a significant factor, but overutilization and wastage have also played a role in worsening the crisis.


In an on-site inspection, The New Indian team visited South Delhi to assess the water crisis. Deepak, a local resident, shared his frustration, stating, “We haven’t had a water supply for the last four days. When it does come, it’s like sewer water.”

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Ashish Verma echoed these concerns, describing the water provided by the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) as filthy and unsuitable for use. He noted a marked decline in the frequency of water tanker deliveries.


Veer Singh highlighted the severe impact on daily life, saying, “We receive water tankers only every three to four days, and the water shortage is a major problem for us.”

Ram Prakash reported that the tap water resembles mud, rendering it useless for household tasks. Amrit Lal mentioned that the disrupted supply has forced people to turn to underground sources or purchase water.

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A driver delivering water in areas like Kalkaji, Prahladpur, and Tughlakabad shared that he now makes eight to nine trips daily, compared to three to four previously, due to the high demand. An auto driver from Nav Jivan camp said he makes several trips a day to fetch water for his family.


The crisis has also reached the Supreme Court, where Himachal Pradesh argued it lacks surplus water to send to Delhi, despite previously releasing water intended to pass through Haryana. The Supreme Court has mandated Himachal Pradesh to release 137 cusecs of surplus water and instructed Haryana to ensure its flow to Delhi, acknowledging the drinking water shortage as an “existential problem” for the capital’s residents.

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