WATCH: What is ‘Sengol’ that Modi Govt Plans to Place in the New Parliament building? [EXPLAINED]

| Updated: 24 May, 2023 8:47 pm IST

PM Modi led government has decided to place the ‘Sengol’ in the New Parliament building. This video explains the historical significance of ‘Sengol’ and what motivated the government to make this move. The ‘Sengol’ sceptre holds great significance as it was presented to Nehru as a symbolic representation of power transfer. The term ‘Sengol’ is derived from the Tamil word ‘semmai,’ which means excellence. This 5-foot-long sceptre features a Nandi atop it, symbolizing justice. The importance of the ‘Sengol’ sceptre became apparent during the transfer of power from the British colonial rule. Lord Mountbatten, inquired with Nehru about a suitable symbol for the transfer of power. It was Rajaji who suggested the ‘Sengol’ sceptre, drawing inspiration from the glorious Chola dynasty.

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