WATCH | Modi Is Different, India To Be No.1 Economy: Ex Cisco CEO

John T Chambers, the former CEO of Cisco, shared his visionary perspective

| Updated: 26 June, 2023 11:46 pm IST

In a momentous gathering at the Kennedy Center of Fine Arts in Washington, D.C., John T Chambers, the former CEO of Cisco, shared his visionary perspective alongside Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the United States Secretary of State, Antony Blinken.

Addressing a vibrant crowd representing the Indian diaspora, Chambers delivered a powerful message, foreseeing India’s ascent to the pinnacle of the global economy. “India will become the number one economy in the world and it will do so under the plans and programs the Prime Minister is putting in place,” he declared at the event.

During the event, which served as a platform to engage with the Indian community abroad, Chambers emphasized the transformative potential and remarkable progress of India under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership. “Many in America have a very positive view of India and the Prime Minister, but they really don’t understand how far this country’s come. In the last decade, the country has moved from a very slow follower where the government was very bureaucratic and very, very slow moving and rigid and not a dreamer to the most innovative country in the world, it shows up in the economic results where the country has moved from 10 in the world to 5. I’m usually pretty good at getting market transitions and being accurate on connecting to that,” he said.

Joined by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the distinguished trio captivated the audience with their insights into India’s burgeoning role on the world stage.

Chambers’ inspiring speech touched upon the unique qualities that set Prime Minister Modi apart as a global leader. From his ability to instill hope and inspire belief in what lies ahead to his unwavering commitment to execution and delivering tangible results, Chambers acknowledged the Prime Minister’s exceptional leadership. “People often ask what was so unique? What is so unique about this person that changes countries and I believe will change the world over time? He has an ability to inspire hope, to make us believe in what’s possible. He then has the ability to build confidence on what the future can be.Then he is amazingly good at execution and getting his team and other teams to work on a common goal and then most importantly gets results. ”

The gathering at the Kennedy Center also provided an opportunity to highlight the growing ties between India and the United States. With Secretary of State Antony Blinken in attendance, the event underscored the significance of bilateral relations and the shared commitment to further strengthening ties between the two nations.

The presence of the Indian diaspora further added to the significance of the occasion. Representing a diverse and dynamic community, the event served as a platform for fostering stronger bonds and engaging in meaningful dialogue about India’s trajectory as a global economic powerhouse.

John T Chambers’ vision, shared alongside Prime Minister Modi and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, resonated deeply with the Indian diaspora, offering a glimpse into a future where India’s economic prowess and global influence are unrivaled.

As India’s growth story continues to unfold, events like these reaffirm the vital role of the Indian diaspora in furthering the nation’s progress and enhancing its standing on the global stage.

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