WATCH | Controversy erupts over ‘obscene behavior’ of young couple inside Delhi Metro

| Updated: 12 May, 2023 11:29 pm IST

NEW DELHI: A viral video clip depicting a young couple engaging in ‘obscene’ behaviour has reignited the debate over acceptable conduct in public places.

In the widely circulated clip, a young girl can be seen lying on the floor of the metro, with her head resting on the lap of a young boy. The boy can be observed whispering into her ear and repeatedly kissing her on the lips. The girl remains motionless, appearing either intoxicated or fast asleep, barely responding to the boy’s advances.

Reportedly, the video was filmed near Jhandewalan Metro station.


Following the video’s viral spread, the DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) has taken note of the incident and released a public notice. The notice emphasised the expectation that commuters maintain decorum in public spaces.

It stated, “DMRC expects its commuters to behave responsibly while using the Delhi Metro and adhere to all social etiquette and protocols deemed acceptable by society. Commuters should refrain from engaging in any indecent or obscene activity that may cause discomfort or offend the sensibilities of fellow passengers.”

The notice also highlights that such acts are punishable by law. It said, “DMRC’s Operations & Maintenance Act in fact lists indecency as a punishable offence under Section-59. We appeal to our commuters to kindly refrain from indulging in such obscene activities and maintain social etiquette.”

The Delhi Metro authority further encourages commuters to report any such incidents. The notice advised, “We also request fellow passengers to promptly notify the nearest Metro Staff/CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) in the event of such incidents, enabling appropriate action to be taken.”

In April, another video featuring a woman dressed provocatively in a bra and miniskirt while riding the Delhi Metro had gone viral, sparking an online debate. In response, the DMRC clarified that clothing choices are a personal matter that passengers should regulate responsibly.

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