WATCH | Viral Video: Delhi Police Fine Korean YouTuber For ₹5000, Give No Receipt

| Updated: 25 July, 2023 4:19 pm IST

In this viral video, watch as a Korean YouTuber records an unsettling encounter with Delhi Police personnel.

While driving in the wrong lane, he is issued a challan of ₹5000, but shockingly, no receipt is provided. The incident is captured on the YouTuber’s dashcam and uploaded to his channel, Fitvely, where it quickly gains traction and sparks widespread controversy.

As the video gains attention, the Delhi Police faces scrutiny for their actions, leading to the suspension of two personnel involved in the incident. However, the suspended officers claim that the YouTuber drove away before they could issue the challan.

Join Alok Kumar, A special correspondent, delves into the details of this disturbing incident, which has raised questions about accountability and transparency within the Delhi Police force. Watch the video to uncover the events leading up to this shocking confrontation and how it has left a blot on the reputation of the Delhi Police.

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