Uttarakhand tunnel rescue: Diwali returns to Ginjas village, as rescued worker Deepak returns

| Updated: 29 November, 2023 4:53 pm IST
All the 41 workers trapped in the Silkyara tunnel have been rescued after a 16 day ordeal inside the tunnel

MUZAFFARPUR: As news reached of Deepak’s rescue from the collapsed Silkyara Bend-Barkot Tunnel in Uttarakhand after 17 days of agony, his hometown of Ginjas village erupted in joy with celebrations akin to Diwali enveloping it entirely.


Deepak, an employee of Navayuga Limited, found himself among the 41 workers trapped inside the Uttarkashi tunnel since November 12.


Deepak’s father, in a conversation with The New Indian, recounted the distressing moment they learned of the tunnel collapse. “We got a call from Deepak’s friend, assuring his rescue. But days passed with anxiety, and we gave up food and water, until yesterday’s news arrived.”


Now liberated, the workers are under the care of the temporary hospital at Chinyalisaur. The workers will be monitored for 48 hours before reuniting with their families. Authorities have ensured medical care, transportation, and living arrangements.


Diwali and Chhath Puja passed somberly for Deepak’s family, rejecting celebrations amid the grim situation. However, the news of his rescue transformed tears of despair into tears of joy. Bursting crackers and lighting lamps, they embraced the festivities which were initially delayed.


 The rescued workers are under the care of the temporary hospital at Chinyalisaur


“After Deepak’s rescue, a sense of peace prevails in me and my family. It’s as if an illness has vanished from my body; just yesterday, it felt like life was slipping away,” shared the contented mother.


The Uttarakhand government shoulders medical expenses, stay, and meal costs. In Deepak’s home and village, fireworks and sweet distributions symbolize the hope for Deepak to finally return home like Lord Rama returning back to Ayodhya from Vanvasa.

The presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also a factor, according to the family, for the relief that they were experiencing with his efforts to reach out to the rescued workers, infusing them with joy.


“This incident, where workers got trapped, led Modi Ji to deploy the entire army. They worked day and night,” exclaimed Deepak’s uncle, unable to contain his joy.

Diwali celebrations, postponed briefly, resumed, marking the dawn of newfound joy and light in Deepak’s home and village after the triumphant rescue operation.

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