Two cheetahs injured in group clashes in Kuno over dominance

Two cheetahs have been admitted to a hospital after suffering injuries during a group clash at Kuno National Park.

New Delhi | Updated: 27 June, 2023 2:26 pm IST
Two cheetahs have been admitted to a hospital after suffering injuries during a group clash at Kuno National Park.

NEW DELHI: Two cheetahs have been admitted to a hospital after sustaining injuries in a clash with another group of Namibian cheetahs at Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh.

Officials said that a team of doctors at Kuno National Park is closely monitoring Agni and Vayu’s condition and providing them with the necessary care. They are among the 12 cheetahs translocated from South Africa in February earlier this year.

Agni and Vayu sustained injuries following clashes with Freddy and Alton – among the eight cheetahs translocated to Kuno from Namibian in September last year – over what officials suspect is dominance in the jungle.

The Namibian cheetahs were released into Kuno by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in the first tranche of translocation aimed at reviving the big cat 70 years after they became extinct in India.

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The initial batch of eight cheetahs was sourced from Namibia, followed by the second batch of 12 from South Africa.

While Freddy and Alton were ruling the free range of Kuno for the last few months, Agni and Vayu were transferred to the wild from a large acclimatization enclosure two weeks back.

As per standard procedure, the cheetahs are first kept in a quarantine ward and then transferred into a larger fence area before being released into the free jungle range.

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Officials at Kuno suspect that the altercation between the four cheetahs arose due to a struggle for dominance in the area. However, the park staff managed to swiftly intervene, separating the animals to avoid further conflict.

Currently, there are a total of 18 cheetahs residing in Kuno National Park. Tragically, two cheetah cubs succumbed to illness in May, while an additional cub and several adult cheetahs passed away between April and May.

This incident follows a previous occurrence where a female cheetah, also imported from South Africa, was killed in a confrontation with other big cats within the park. The incident highlights the complex dynamics between different species in their natural habitats.


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