Tunnel survivor briefs PM Modi: Daily yoga helped us cope

| Updated: 29 November, 2023 3:20 pm IST

NEW DELHI: For a long time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been stressing the global significance of yoga, advocating the mantra ‘Yoga se hi hoga’ (It will happen through yoga). The wisdom in his words became evident when one of the workers disclosed the reason behind the resilience of the 41 trapped individuals in the Silkyara tunnel in Uttarkashi.

During a telephonic conversation with the workers, he congratulated them for their safe rescue after 18 days of being trapped. He asked, “I heard that one of you knew Yoga and you all used to do it together inside the tunnel.”

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He also shared that following dinner, they would engage in walks within the 2.5 km long Silkyara tunnel. This individual from the Muslim community took the initiative to promote a healthy lifestyle among the other members by organizing evening walks and morning yoga sessions.

He motivated everyone to prioritize fitness to prevent illnesses or difficulties during their confinement in the tunnel. Furthermore, he emphasised the practice of communal meals, stating that they all dined together in one location.



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He said, “Yes sir, it was me who taught them and encouraged them for Yoga. Since there was nothing to do inside except eating, I asked them to practise Yoga early in the morning so we stay fit during the time in the tunnel.”

Further, he informed that they used to take walks as well in the 2.5 km long Silkyara tunnel after eating dinner. This Muslim man led all other members to live a healthy life inside the tunnel by taking a walk after dinner and doing yoga in the morning. He encouraged everyone to stay fit so they don’t fall sick or face difficulties while being trapped in the tunnel. He also said that they all used to eat together at one place.


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He also discussed the camaraderie and unity that existed among the group. Prime Minister Modi expressed surprise at this aspect, considering they spent 18 days together without a single instance of discord. He remarked, “You supported each other throughout the situation. In situations like these, disagreements are not uncommon. It happens even in a railway compartment. But all of you have stayed united.”



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