Trudeau must take action to combat Khalistani terrorism and rebuild trust with India

| Updated: 14 November, 2023 11:27 am IST

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed that Canada does not want a conflict with India but reiterated his allegations. He claimed that canada wishes to cooperate with india on a serious matter. Trudeau also mentioned that India violated the Vienna Convention by relocating over 40 Canadian diplomats due to the threat of losing their diplomatic immunity. The ties between India and Canada became strained after Prime Minister Trudeau alleged in September that Indian agents were potentially involved in the killing of Khalistani separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in British Columbia. India had designated Nijjar as a terrorist in 2020 and rejected Trudeau’s allegations as absurd and motivated.

So, Trudeau’s recent remarks indicate that his government has reached out to India to collaborate in investigating the matter. To restore trust between the two nations, prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government must take decisive action to crack down on the Khalistani terror network operating on Canadian soil. Canada and India share a long history of friendship, trade, and cultural exchange. However, the long existence of Khalistani extremism on Canadian soil, especially the infamous Kanishka bombing has time to time threatened to undermine this relationship.

Trudeau’s government must collaborate closely with Indian authorities to exchange intelligence, track the financial networks that support Khalistani extremism, and apprehend individuals involved in violent activities. The Canadian government should also enact stricter laws to combat hate speech, incitement to violence, and terrorist propaganda, ensuring the safety and security of Indian diplomats stationed there. A thorough monitoring and surveillance system should also be put in place to track the activities of organisations or individuals linked to Khalistani extremism.

Trudeau’s government should engage in open and constructive dialogue with the Indian government to address these concerns and foster a deeper understanding of each other’s perspectives. Cracking down on Khalistani terrorism is not about infringing upon freedom of speech or religion but about upholding the values of peace, security and cooperation. Canada and India share a common interest in combating extremism and terrorism, which threatens the stability and prosperity of both nations.

By taking the above steps, Justin Trudeau and his government can demonstrate their commitment to countering Khalistani extremism and rebuilding trust with India. In doing so, they can help preserve the enduring friendship and cooperation that have characterised the Canada-India relationship for decades.

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