The Sacrifices Of Farmers Have Paid Off Today: Sonia Gandhi

| Updated: 19 November, 2021 10:00 pm IST
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NEW DELHI: Congress interim chief Sonia Gandhi on Friday stressed that the sacrifices of more than 700 farmer families, who allegedly died in last one year while protesting against the three farm laws have paid off today as the government has decided to repeal the contentious laws.

Her remarks came after Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier during the day in his address to the nation announced to repeal the three farm laws in the coming session of Parliament later this month.

“Today, the conspiracy hatched by those in power against farmers and laborers has lost and so has the arrogance of dictatorial rulers. Today, the conspiracy to attack livelihood and agriculture has been defeated,” Sonia Gandhi said in a statement.

She said, “Today, Annadatas (farmers) have won.”

The Congress leader further said that in a democracy, any decision should be taken after talks with every stakeholder and deliberations with the Opposition.

“I hope the Modi government has at least learned something for the future,” she said.

Slamming the central government, Sonia said, “Whether it is a refusal to pay the farmers their cost plus 50 per cent profit as promised by the Prime Minister or the huge increase in the cost of diesel and agricultural products, or the attack on them through three black anti-farm laws, they all stand defeated.”

Citing figures of the government’s NSO, Sonia said the average income of a farmer is Rs 27 per day while the average debt on each is Rs 74,000.

“The government needs to think again on how farming can be made profitable in the true sense and how farmers get the right price for their crop by the way of MSP,” she added.

Even former Congress chief and Lok Sabha MP from Kerala’s wayanad Rahul Gandhi wrote an open letter to the farmers.

In his letter, Rahul Gandhi said:

“I congratulate the farmers for their victory after fighting against the government with their grit, determination and sacrifice. You stood against the government for almost 12 months despite facing all odds like chilling winter, rains and harsh summers with your Satyagrah, which is rare to find after the country’s independence”

He also remembered the 700 farmers who lost their lives during the last one year while protesting against the three farm laws.

Slamming the government, he said, “You won by following the Gandhiwad while fighting against the arrogance of a dictatorial government, which is a true example of victory of truth over lies.”

He also said that the fight is not yet over as the government needs to ensure MSP for farmers, withdraw the controversial electricity amendment law, withdraw the taxes on agriculture products, reduce the price of diesel.

Rahul Gandhi also ensured the farmers that he will stand with them in their fight in future.

The Congress leader said that farmers have understanding of their profit and loss and the prime minister should not once again repeat to bring back the farm laws.

He said, “The Prime Minister should work to fulfill his promise of doubling the farmers income by 2022. He should immediately prepare the roadmap of policies for farmers.”

“The Prime Minister should also not forget that being in government is a chance to serve the people, and arrogance has no place in am democracy,” he added.

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