Bh****, Kat**, atankwadi: remorseless BJP MP abuses BSP MP Danish; Harshvardhan and Ravi Shankar seen laughing

| Updated: 22 September, 2023 1:36 pm IST

New Delhi: ‘Bharwa, Katwa, Ugrvadi, Mullah and Atankwadi’ are the derogatory slurs BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri used against BSP MP Danish Ali in Lok Sabha on the last day of Parliament.

The BJP MP from South Delhi could be seen attacking the Muslim MP from Uttar Pradesh while saying “Yeh ugrawaaadi (militant), yeh aatankwaadi hai (terrorist), ugrawaadi hai, yeh aantankwaadi hai.” 

He also reportedly referred to the lawmaker as a “Mullah aatankwadi, bharwa (pimp) and katwa (circumcised).”

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Meanwhile, Harsh Vardhan, former Union Health Minister, and Ravishankar Prasad, former Union Law Minister, were seen smiling at such Islamophobic comments made in the sacrosanct temple of democracy.

Congress leader Kodikunnal Suresh, who was in the chair, was seen asking MPs to sit down. 

Any actions regarding the incident hasn’t been taken yet by the BJP high command. However, Rajnath Singh, Union Defence Minister, has expressed regret over the same. 

“I express regret if the opposition is hurt by the remarks made by the member,” Singh said. He also said that he had not heard the remarks himself. 

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The incident has taken everyone by shock and reactions are pouring from across party lines.

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh called the event shameful. “[It is a] complete shame what Bhiduri said,” Ramesh told reporters. 

He attacked Rajnath Singh’s apology and said “Rajnath Singh’s apology is not acceptable. It was a halfhearted apology…it is an eyewash.”

“Bhiduri has spoken in a language that is an insult not just to parliament but to every Indian,” Ramesh added. 

TMC MP Mahua Moita also condemned the incident in a tweet. She wrote “BJP MP @rameshbidhuri calling MP Danish Ali a “Bharwa” (pimp), “Katwa” (circumcised), “Mullah Atankwadi” & “Mullah Ugrawadi” ON RECORD in Lok Sabha last night. Keeper of Maryada @ombirlakota Vishwaguru @narendramodi & BJP Prez @JPNadda along with GodiMedia- any action please?”

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