Takeda and Biological E. collaborate on dengue vaccine production

Takeda and Biological E. hope to launch the vaccine in India after obtaining regulatory approval.

| Updated: 28 February, 2024 5:13 pm IST
Takeda and Biological E. Join Forces to Ramp Up Dengue Vaccine Production, Aiming to Quell Global Dengue Fever Challenges

NEW DELHI: Japan’s Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. and India’s Biological E. Limited have announced a strategic partnership to manufacture and distribute Takeda’s dengue vaccine QDENGA in multi-dose vials. The collaboration aims to make the vaccine widely accessible and combat dengue on a global scale.

QDENGA is a live, attenuated vaccine that protects against all four types of dengue virus. It is currently available in some private and public markets in Europe, Asia and Latin America, but not in India. Takeda and Biological E. hope to launch the vaccine in India after obtaining regulatory approval.

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Biological E. will ramp up its manufacturing capacity to produce up to 50 million doses of QDENGA per year, accelerating Takeda’s goal of delivering 100 million doses by 2030.

The doses made by Biological E. will be available for procurement by governments in endemic countries by 2030 at the latest, as part of their national immunization programs.

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne viral disease that affects more than 100 countries and causes an estimated 390 million infections and 20,000 deaths every year.

Asia accounts for about 70% of the global burden of dengue, with India being one of the most affected countries. Dengue can cause severe symptoms such as high fever, bleeding, organ failure and death.

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Takeda and Biological E. said their partnership will help address the unmet medical need and public health challenge posed by dengue. They also said their multi-dose vials will offer economic and logistical advantages for immunization programs, by reducing packaging, storage and waste.

The partnership was announced at the BioAsia 2024 conference in Hyderabad on Tuesday, in the presence of Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy. Both companies expressed their commitment to advancing healthcare and shaping a healthier future for all.

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