US Elections 2024

Joe Biden admits age after debate

President Joe Biden said on Friday that he plans to defeat Republican rival Donald Trump in the upcoming November presidential election.

Democrats angered by special counsel report questioning Biden’s memory

NEW DELHI: Democrats are furious over a special counsel report, heightening concerns regarding US President Biden’s memory, amplifying a longstanding issue that poses a significant political risk for the party in November. In a 388-page document, special counsel Robert Hur contended that it would be improbable for a jury to find the president guilty for […]

How does US2024 look with Vivek Ramaswamy gone

While Vivek sure helped reduce the neocon-favourite Nikki Haley’s chances and put Trump ahead in the Republican race, there is no saying how much of a change would be cascaded during this round if Trump wins.

US democracy or banana republic?

The United States of America, once hailed as the beacon of democracy and the leader of the free world, is increasingly looking like a banana republic. Since the last Presidential elections, which were dubbed as rigged by Donald Trump supporters and the January 6 rioting in the White House, the US has only been inching […]