Fans remembering SSR: on his 4th death anniversary

Today, June 14, marks the 4th death anniversary of Sushant Singh Rajput, the gifted Bollywood actor whose untimely passing shocked fans

NASA launches breakthrough satellite to study climate change

The shoebox-sized satellite, part of the Polar Radiant Energy in the Far-InfraRed Experiment (PREFIRE) mission, was successfully deployed into orbit on Saturday at 4:35 a.m. ET. It hitched a ride aboard a Rocket Lab Electron rocket, which lifted off from the company's launch complex in Mahia, New Zealand.

Sunita Williams to join Boeing Starliner’s maiden crewed mission

NEW DELHI: Boeing’s Starliner is set to embark on its first crewed mission, marking a significant milestone in the field of space exploration. The mission, which aims to rival SpaceX’s success, will have astronaut Sunita Williams onboard. Sunita Williams, a seasoned astronaut with experience on multiple space missions, will be part of the crew that […]

Indian born scientist Aroh Barjatya heads NASA’s solar eclipse study

NEW DELHI: Aroh Barjatya, a renowned scientist of Indian origin, led a crucial mission for NASA that was launched during a total solar eclipse on April 8. The mission, known as the Atmospheric Perturbations around the Eclipse Path (APEP), aimed to study disruptions in the Earth’s upper atmosphere caused by the eclipse. ALSO READ: NASA finds […]

NASA finds potential habitable ‘Super-Earth’, 137 light-years away

NEW DELHI: NASA scientists have unearthed a celestial gem, a ‘super-Earth’ named TOI-715 b, which holds the potential to harbour life. Situated 137 light-years away from our planet, TOI-715 b boasts a size approximately one and a half times that of Earth. Its orbit falls within the conservative habitable zone around its parent star, a […]

Indo-US NISAR space mission to launch in March 2024

NEW DELHI: Following multiple victories for the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on fronts of space exploration, NASA administrator Bill Nelson, on Friday, announced the launch of the NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) in March 2024. Nelson said, while addressing the media, that the joint-launch is slated to mark a major milestone in the Indo-US […]

Launch vehicle of Chandrayaan-3 re-enters Earth, predicted to fall in Pacific

NEW DELHI: The launch vehicle of the famed Chandrayaan-3 that made its soft landing on the moon’s south polar surface, reportedly entered the Earth’s atmosphere on Wednesday. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has predicted that the upper stage will make a deep dive into the Pacific Ocean. “The cryogenic upper stage of the LVM3 […]

NASA plans to house humans on the lunar surface by 2040

NASA plans to build lunar houses by 2040, marking half a century since the Apollo 17 mission, where astronauts spent 75 hours on the moon's surface. This signifies NASA's aspiration for more extended lunar sojourns.

I am inspired by Vedas: General Atomics CEO Dr Vivek Lall tells Rohan Dua

How Dr. Vivek Lall's expertise bolsters India's defence capabilities with historic MQ-9B drone deal 

2022 Will Be The Year Of Space Science In India

ISRO, India’s premier space agency will be looking for some better days in the coming year as it plans to speed several pending and new missions that have been delayed due to successive lockdowns this year. They have already given signals that there will be more launches and possibly 2022 will be the year of […]