Giorgia Meloni

‘Islam not compatible with our civilisation,’ says Italian PM Meloni

NEW DELHI: In a recent video which surfaced on social media, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni stirred another controversy by stating that European values were incompatible with Islamic culture. The undated footage saw her stating, “I believe there is a problem of compatibility between Islamic culture or a certain interpretation of Islamic culture and the […]

#MelodiMagic: Modi-Meloni’s Quirky Connection Takes centre Stage at COP28

This is not the first time that the duo have got the internet by storm, their previous meeting at the G20 Summit in Delhi had also garnered similar reactions from the internet citizens.

Italy’s PM Meloni ends relationship with partner amid sexism controversy

ROME: Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has officially announced her separation from her partner of almost a decade, television journalist Andrea Giambruno. The announcement comes on the heels of public backlash against Giambruno for his sexist comments during his on-air broadcasts. In a heartfelt statement shared on her Facebook page, Prime Minister Meloni expressed her […]