From harassment to history: Bihar’s first transgender Sub-Inspector

Madhu Kashyap, hailing from Bhagalpur, has made history as Bihar's first transgender inspector.

Bihar’s 12th bridge collapse in 17 days

In the past 17 days, at least 12 bridges have collapsed across Bihar. The latest instance came of the bridge collapsing in Bihar on Thursday, 4th July 2024.

CM Nitish Kumar meets Dalai Lama in Bodh Gaya

Bihar's Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar, visited Bodh Gaya immediately upon returning from Delhi today.

CM Nitish Kumar approves 35 agendas in Bihar Cabinet meeting, unveils key initiatives

On Friday, the Bihar Cabinet convened under the leadership of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar gave the green light to a total of 38 agenda items spanning various government departments.

Tej Pratap renames Patna’s Atal park as ‘coconut park’; BJP fumed

The decision has attracted criticism from BJP leaders

Bihar has lost confidence in CM Nitish Kumar: Chirag Paswan

"Nobody has confidence in Nitish anymore," Paswan asserted, "The Chief Minister himself seems unaware of critical matters, and this has resulted in disrespect for the people's votes.

1990s returned? Bihar doctor missing for five days

Bihar police have yet to locate the missing doctor from Nalanda Medical College and Hospital, though his car was found

Bihar: Ambulance made to wait for hours to let CM Nitish Kumar pass

An ambulance was stuck in traffic jam for hours in Sasaram, Bihar during Chief minister Nitish Kumar's Samadhan yatra.

“Prefer dying than allying with killers of Gandhi,” says Bihar CM Nitish Kumar on BJP

He said, “Who killed Gandhi? And Why? He (Gandhi) was trying to protect everyone including Muslims.Can we simply forget when you commit a murder? Today is the day when he (Gandhi) was killed. Can the new generation forget this? Everybody must remember, even if these people want to make us forget it, or provoke violence.”