Kerala recovers Chandrayaan-3 cost with record liquor sales during Onam

Liquor sales recorded an increase of a whopping 21% in 10 days leading to Onam over the same period last year

WATCH | Women Scientists Heroes Of ISRO Speak Up On Chandrayaan

In Chandrayaan3, over 100 women played a crucial part in all stages of the mission, including coming up with ideas, designing, making it a reality, testing, and making it happen. Leading the charge were several brilliant women scientists who have made significant contributions to India’s space program. Vanitha Muthayya and Ritu Karidhal, who led Chandrayaan-2, […]

WATCH | “PM Modi gave Indians a sense of belonging”: MoS Jitendra Singh on Chandrayaan 3

“Chandrayaan 3 made Indians feel a sense of belonging, thanks to PM Modi,” says MoS Jitendra Singh.

WATCH | “Thanks to our rishi-munis who were astrophysicists of their time”: Meenakshi Lekhi on Chandrayaan 3

“Gratitude to our ancient sages who were astrophysicists in their era,” says Meenakshi Lekhi about Chandrayaan 3.


“Humans of Chandrayaan-3” captures the celebration and excitement on the significant day of the mission.

WATCH | How ISRO Tracked Chandrayaan | The New Indian Reports From Ground In Bengaluru

Describing ISRO’s Tracking of Chandrayaan: The New Indian Provides Ground Reporting from Bengaluru

WATCH | The New Indian reports from ISRO HQ live: Chandrayaan-3 set to make soft landing on moon

The new Indian brings you exclusive coverage of India’s Moon mission from ISRO’s headquarters in Bengaluru. The LANDER is set to descend from the height of 25km around 6:04 PM IST. Vikram, the lander, along with the rover Pragyan, is poised to touch down near the Moon’s south pole, marking India as the fourth country […]

GROUND REPORT| How ISRO chief said it…..India Is On The Moon; Male & Female Colleagues In Tow

ISRO HQ (BENGALURU):  Gazing at the final countdown for the Vikram lander from 150 m to 30 m, sixty year-old triumphant Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) director S Somanath looked in control – of his emotions – much like the Chandrayaan 3 that was descending in front of him, 3.84 lakh km away. The unflappable, […]