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Amidst India-Canada row, Trudeau to join India’s virtual G20 summit

NEW DELHI: As the current chair of the G20, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to lead a virtual G20 Leaders’ Summit on Wednesday, focusing on providing guidance and discussions related to the implementation of the New Delhi Declaration. The announcement came from G20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant during a press briefing in New Delhi. FLASH: As […]

Prof. Mukherji Delves in Natraj’s Symbolism, Artistic Vision, and the Quest for a Decolonized Past

During an engaging lecture at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, Professor Parul Duve Mukherji, in conversation with The New Indian, delved into the depths of Indian history. She discussed the timeliness and significance of decolonizing Indian art through the prism of mimesis in the Citrasutra. Prof. Mukherji also highlighted the invaluable contribution […]

India has finally arrived, but what took it so long?

NEW DELHI: The results of India’s changed approach towards international relations and diplomacy are becoming gradually visible now. I have to admit, that as someone banking on the Cold War era conflicts and politics to create a workable understanding about global realpolitik, I have traditionally been fairly sceptical about India’s approach towards the international arena. […]

Western quibbles about G-20 smack of white supremacy

Reading the G-20 Leaders’ Declaration (issued at their annual summit last weekend) alongside the carping of several Western analysts makes one feels like Alice in Wonderland. Read in its entirety, the long and detailed Declaration shows a great deal of thought, inputs, and negotiations. Different lines in many of the paragraphs seem to reflect the […]

Opposition cries in vain, Bharat receives wide acceptance at G20

Interestingly, the Indian National Democratic Initiative Alliance boldly employed the acronym I.N.D.I.A to unite as a collective voice representing the nation. The strategic political move of using the country's name as the foundation for a political alliance was not lost on observers.

Bharat Mandapam: Where heritage meets G20 modernity

NEW DELHI: Nestled in the heart of New Delhi’s Pragati Maidan, the International Exhibition-cum-Convention Centre (IECC) complex, known as Bharat Mandapam, is currently in the limelight as it plays host to the prestigious G20 Summit. However, this architectural wonder is more than just a venue for global summits, it stands as a testament to India’s […]

G20 confirms Russia’s isolation: India’s friend Macron tells media

New Delhi: President of France Emmanuel Macron brought up the issue of Russia-Ukraine and commended Russia, in strong words, for its offensive against Ukraine. “First of all, this G20 confirms the isolation of ‘Russia’,” said Macron during the press briefing held today in Delhi after the G20 summit. “A vast majority of G20 members condemn […]

Our prayers with quake-hit Morocco: Macron in India

New Delhi: France President Emmanuel Macron, in a bilateral talk with India held on the sideline of the G20 summit, has expressed grief about the earthquake that hit Morocco on Friday. Macron said, “We are ready to send resources to Morocco whenever they need it.” “We have mobilized all technical and security teams to be […]

Exclusive World Bank president Ajay Banga to The New Indian

New Delhi: Ajay Banga, president of the World bank, exclaimed with pride and happiness that PM worked very hard to get a consensus on G20 New Delhi Leaders Declaration and claimed that India’s G20 presidency is an absolute success. Banga arrived at the Bharat Mandapam, the venue of G20, to attend the g20 summit. The […]

Dr Jaishankar explains ‘overreaching’ effects of India’s G20 presidency

NEW DELHI: India’s presidency of the G20 has been a success so far, with the country playing a leading role in shaping the global agenda. In a press briefing on the second day of the summit, External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar said that the G20 has contributed to making India “world ready and world […]