Survey predicts AAP will leave behind Congress in Gujarat 

New Delhi | Updated: 05 December, 2022 8:44 pm IST

According to a survey, Bharatiya Janata Party is all set to win the Gujarat Assembly election and Himachal Pradesh Assembly election. The survey estimates BJP will win 167 seats out of a total of 182 seats in Gujarat and 62 seats out of 68 in Himachal Pradesh.

The survey estimates Aam Aadmi Party’s will score a majority in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) election with 142 out of 250 seats.

The survey is conducted by the Center for Global Studies (CGS), the University of Delhi to study the recent MCD elections, Gujarat Assembly Election and Himachal Pradesh Assembly election.

In the Gujarat Assembly election BJP may clinch power with an overwhelming majority and more seats than it won in 2017. The Aam Aadmi Party may win 11 seats leaving Congress to become the third party in the state with just 4 seats.

According to opinion polls, in the Himachal Pradesh Assembly election, the saffron party may win the landslide victory on 62 seats comparatively much higher than the 2017 election, while Congress may get 5 seats and Aam Aadmi Party may manage to win 1 seat.

In the MCD election, as the CGS survey says, the Aam Aadmi Party may emerge victorious with 140 seats and the saffron party may emerge as the main challenge to AAP with 99 seats on its account. Congress may get 6 seats.

The CGS survey is based on the study of 2983 voters of 68 assembly constituencies of Himachal Pradesh, 10721 voters of 182 assembly constituencies of Gujarat and 14332 voters of 250 Wards of Municipal Corporation of Delhi.

The survey was conducted by the CGS in association with approximately 500 students and research scholars from various colleges/institutions/universities across Delhi and Gujarat.

The election results for the Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat assembly will be announced on 8th December, 2022 and that for MCD will be on 7th of December. 

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