Stalin & family pray secretly & want Tamils to become atheists: Tamilisai Soundrajan

Soundararajan, an MBBS doctor from Tamil Nadu, has resigned from her position as the Governor of Telangana—a role in which she also oversaw Puducherry—to contest the Chennai South Lok Sabha seat.

| Updated: 17 April, 2024 5:58 pm IST

Chennai : As the Lok Sabha elections draw near, with only three days remaining, The New Indian team has reached to the southern state of Tamil Nadu to capture the election fervor.

In Chennai, BJP’s firebrand leader Tamilsai Soundararajan, who once spearheaded the saffron party’s state campaign as the president of the Tamil Nadu BJP and served under then BJP president Amit Shah, has stepped into the electoral fray. Soundararajan, an MBBS doctor from Tamil Nadu, has resigned from her position as the Governor of Telangana—a role in which she also oversaw Puducherry—to contest the Chennai South Lok Sabha seat.

In an interview with The New Indian’sExecutive Editor Rohan Dua, Tamilisai Sundarajan revealed that Stalin’s family follows all Sanatan Dharma rituals. She discussed her commitment to serving the people of the southern state in detail, addressing the issues faced by the fisherman community in Tamil Nadu. She also criticized Stalin’s family as hypocrites, pointing out that they follow Sanatan Dharma rituals while simultaneously using derogatory terms like “mosquitoes” and “dengue” to describe it. Excerpts:

Rohan Dua: How does it feel to resign as governor, and what prompted your decision?

Tamilisai Soundarajan: I made this decision for two reasons. First, I’ve been a member of the Congress family since 1999, starting as a Karyakarta after completing my post-graduation in gynecology. I climbed the organisational ladder from an ordinary Karyakarta to holding various positions, including president of the medical wing and serving at state and national levels.

Second, with the nation’s support for our honorable Prime Minister’s third term, I felt compelled to reciprocate my gratitude by actively participating in the party’s activities. Despite being referred to as the ‘people’s governor’ during my tenure and having a passion for direct service, I realized I couldn’t fully serve the people from the confines of Raj Bhavan. Therefore, I chose to be on the ground, among the Karyakartas, and directly engage in serving the people

Rohan Dua: My other question to you is now that we see these lovely beaches, but we also see a lot of problems in these areas as well.What are the main issues you’ve identified in your constituency?

Tamilisai Soundarajan: I’ve been deeply connected to the issues facing Tamil Nadu, even during my governorship, as I’ve been a voter in South Chennai for 40 years. This constituency, with its significant population of fishermen, faces numerous challenges. For instance, after the tsunami, many were promised concrete houses that were never delivered by the state government. I’m advocating for their rights.

Additionally, fishermen deserve fair incentives, especially during breeding periods, to protect the marine environment. I’ve fought to increase these incentives, as seen in Puducherry, and provided GPS instruments for better tracking, which Tamil Nadu lacks.

Furthermore, the dry fish industry holds great potential, yet fishermen women remain marginalized. I’ve pledged support to establish dry fish industries, inspired by successful models like in Assam. My vision includes integrating fishing villages, enhancing children’s skills, empowering women, and ensuring safety for fishermen at sea.

Rohan Dua: How do you feel about the progress of young leaders like Annamalai following your footsteps?

Tamilisai Sundarajan: I am very happy because I’ve always encouraged young individuals to join the BJP. When I speak to students, I urge them to enter politics, believing that educated voices can purify the political landscape. It wasn’t just me; several senior leaders also laid the groundwork. Establishing a national party in the Dravidian heartland was no small feat, and we all played a part. Anambulai’s dedication and qualifications are commendable, and his journey on the Yatra reflects his commitment. As a former president, I’m grateful for everyone who contributes to the party’s growth. I extend a warm invitation to all and pledge to collaborate with them. Together, we can make the BJP a formidable force in Tamil Nadu.

Rohan Dua: Why do you think it’s challenging to defeat leaders like Kanimozhi, Mr. Raja, or Mr. Maran?

Tamilsai Sunadrajan: The Dravidian party relies heavily on its robust cadre base and organisational structure. They entice people with freebies and perpetuate a narrative of regionalism, linguistic power, and totalitarianism. This divisive rhetoric aims to alienate individuals from the nationalist agenda. They eloquently paint the BJP as a Hindi-speaking, North Indian, upper-caste party to instill fear. However, the BJP focuses on developmental initiatives. The DMK fabricates false narratives, built upon decades-old misconceptions. Breaking this entrenched narrative will take time, but we’re committed to the challenge. The DMK consistently spins negative narratives, like their portrayal of NEET. Despite being a Supreme Court mandate, they exploit tragedies to manipulate emotions. Even in Tamil Nadu, 14 lakh students took NEET. But they project NEET as a negative aspect.  One of the students committed suicide. Then immediately, emotionally it was taken as an emotional issue. Taken in a very emotional aspect.

So these type of activities, people are moved by that. So it is our duty to project the positive things. And project the positive things of our honorable Prime Minister schemes.

Rohan Dua: How do you respond to accusations from opposition parties regarding Hindu sentiments and BJP’s policies?

Tamilsai Sundarajan: It’s indeed painful to hear such remarks, but it’s ironic because they don’t practice what they preach. For instance, I challenged Stalin regarding his stance on Sanatan Dharma. I asked if any of his candidates filed their nomination at an auspicious time, to which there was no affirmative response. Despite this, they portray themselves as anti-Sanatan. This is deceitful and misleading to the people.

Do they truly follow Sanatan? Perhaps indirectly, but they consciously project themselves as anti-Sanatan. Take Stalin’s family, for instance; his mother visits temples and follows rituals, yet he claims to be against Sanatan. Why this duplicity?


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They propagate pseudo-secularism, using Periyarism as an excuse. Periyar advocated atheism, yet they claim to support all religions. However, their actions speak otherwise. Why discriminate by only wishing Hindus on their festivals while ignoring minority celebrations?

Their false narrative aims to demonize Sanatan Dharma, but we believe it unites people. Why don’t they file nominations at auspicious times if they’re indifferent to it? They have no answer to that.

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