Spl 26 Rerun: CBI Finds ‘CBI’ That Sells RS Seats, Governorship For Rs 100 Cr

| Updated: 25 July, 2022 10:54 pm IST

NEW DELHI: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Monday said that it has busted a racket which was offering Rajya Sabha seats for a whopping Rs 100 crore and arrested four people after carrying out searches at seven locations.

A CBI source related to probe The New Indian, “The CBI has arrested four people identified as Kamalakar Premkumar Bandgar, Mahendra Pal Arora, Abhishek Boora and Ravindra Vithal Naik.”

He said that the agency registered a case against Bandgar, Arora, Boora, Naik and Mohammad Aijaz Khan and unknown others with the sole ulterior motive of cheating private persons by falsely assuring them of arrangement of seats in Rajya Sabha, appointment as Governor, appointment as chairman in different government-run organizations under central government ministries and department against huge pecuniary consideration.

The CBI FIR, which was accessed by The New Indian, alleged that Bandgar, a resident of Maharashtra’s Latur, posed as a CBI officer posted at CBI headquarters in New Delhi and entered into a criminal conspiracy with Arora, a resident of Delhi’s upscale Defence Colony; Boora, a resident of Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad; Khan, a resident of Delhi, and Naik, a resident of Mumbai’s Sion East who was residing in Karnataka’s Belgaum, and unknown others with the sole ulterior motive of cheating private persons.

“Bandgar in conspiracy with Boora, Arora, Khan, Naik and unknown others were making efforts to cheat persons in the name of assuring them of candidature for Rajya Sabha, against huge consideration to the tune of Rs 100 crore,” the FIR alleged.

The CBI stated that its source had informed that in pursuant to the said conspiracy, Bandgar, falsely impersonating himself as a senior CBI officer, told Boora, Arora, Khan, Naik and unknown others to bring any sort of work that he can fix in lieu of payment of huge illegal gratification.

Source further informed that Bandgar, Arora, Khan and Naik often drop names of the senior bureaucrats and political functionaries for impressing upon the client approaching them for some work either directly or through a middleman like Boora.

“Bandgar, falsely personating as senior CBI officer, has been threatening the officers posted in police stations for showing favour to some person known to him, for influencing the investigation of ongoing cases,” the FIR alleged.

The CBI source said that the agency carried out searches at seven locations in Maharashtra, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka.

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