Several SC lawyers Receive Threatening Calls From SFJ In PM Modi Security Lapse Case

| Updated: 17 January, 2022 3:50 pm IST

NEW DELHI: Days after Supreme Court ordered a probe under retired Judge Indu Malhotra to look into the lapses in the security of Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to Punjab, several Supreme Court lawyers on Monday claimed they have received threatening phone calls, allegedly from pro-Khalistan group Sikhs For Justice (SFJ), for the second time in seven days.

The calls allegedly warned “anti-Muslim and anti-Sikh” Supreme Court advocates that they would be held “accountable” after a police case was filed over last week’s messages.

The pre-recorded call which was received by lawyers such as Apoorv Shukla and Maharashtra’s former Chief Standing Counsel Nishant Katneshwarkar contained a message from SFJ founder Gurpatwant Singh Pannu.

It threatened the lawyers for filing a complaint against Pannu for announcing a $1 million reward to block PM Modi and raise the Khalistan flag instead of the tricolour in Delhi on Republic Day.

In the call, Pannu was heard allegedly saying, “You have filed complaint against SFJ and put yourself in a dangerous position. Now we will hold anti-Sikh, anti-Muslim advocates accountable. While we will block Modi on January 26 and raise Khalistan flags, we will not allow Indu Malhotra to investigate Modi terror plot. We are preparing a list of advocates who visit foreign nations and you will hear from us peacefully, democratically and loudly.”

The calls apparently also contained messages like “(we) will block PM Modi on Jan 26(Republic Day)” and “(we) will not let Justice Indu Malhotra investigate the PM security breach case”.

The New Indian cannot verify the authencity of the calls

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