Russian ambassador Denis Alipov bursts Manish Tewari’s ‘Hercule Poirot’ theory

Congress leader and former Union minister Manish Tewari expressed doubts about the deaths of two Russian nationals in Odisha. The Russian ambassador tutored Tewari on Russian customs

NEW DELHI | Updated: 30 December, 2022 7:04 pm IST
Congress leader Manish Tewari and Russian ambassador Denis Alipov

The Russian ambassador to India, Denis Alipov, gave Manish Tewari a lesson in propriety as he praised the Indian authorities while fact-checking the Congress leader about the customs in Russia.

On Thursday, former Union minister of Information and Broadcasting Manish Tiwari theorised the death of two Russian nationals in a hotel in Odisha, citing acclaimed detective writer Dame Agatha Christie’s world-renowned character Hercule Poirot.

“Two Christians were cremated, not buried! Why? Hercule Poirot says burnt bodies tell no tales,” Tewari tweeted, sharing an article published by CNN in September. The article stated that at least eight prominent Russians have died in apparent suicides or accidents in recent months. The article further says that six of the eight Russians were linked to Gazprom and Lukoil, two of Russia’s largest energy companies.

Tewari expressed suspicions over the deaths of Russian MP Pavel Antov and his friend Vladimir Bydanov in a hotel in Odisha’s Rayagada town.

The senior Congress leader asked why the bodies of the two Russians were cremated and not buried, despite them being Christians. Tewari also quoted Poirot as saying that “burnt bodies tell no tales’.

Reacting to Tewari’s tweet, the Russian ambassador to India, Denis Alipov, said that the Russian government appreciates the investigations launched by Indian authorities into the deaths of the two Russians.

Giving a lesson or two on Russian customs, Alipov also said that cremations are as customary in Russia as burials. “Meanwhile, it would be useful for some Hercule Poirot lovers to learn that cremation in Russia is as customary as burial. Idleness is the root of all evil,” the Russian ambassador pointed out.

According to reports, Bydanov and Antov died within days of each other in a hotel in Odisha’s Rayagada town. Bydanov, Antov and two others had checked into a hotel on December 21. Bydanov was found dead inside the hotel room the next day, i.e., December 22. Reports suggest that Bydanov died of a heart attack, and Antov allegedly committed suicide after attending his funeral on December 25.

According to reports, the local authorities had contacted the respective family members and as per instructions from the family members, they cremated them in Rayagada itself.

The Odisha government has launched a Crime Branch investigation into the case.

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