Rs 85 crores raised and laundered in 2 years for terrorism and secessionism related activities

SRINAGAR | Updated: 08 November, 2023 9:46 pm IST
SIA raids compounds and residences

SRINAGAR: The State Investigation Agency Wing of Jammu & Kashmir Police conducted searches of houses and offices at 22 locations including 18 in Srinagar, one each in Anantnag and Pulwama districts of South Kashmir, besides two in New Delhi, on Wednesday.

The pre-dawn searches were carried out simultaneously by special teams of the SIA. During the search operation, incriminating materials such as bank documents, cash books, credit cards, debit cards, chequebooks, invoices, mobile phones, SIM cards, and passports, were seized which are slated to be analysed for further investigation.

The case pertains to the illegal raising, layering and laundering of illegal proceeds of crime by the accused persons which subsequently might have been used in unlawful activities including secessionism and terrorism. The case was registered in police station SIA Kashmir on the basis of an enquiry. During the enquiry, it was found that funds to the tune of INR 85 crores had been raised and laundered in a short span of less than two years.

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The transactions had mostly taken place in cash to evade law enforcement agencies. Based on the findings of the inquiry, SIA registered an FIR had been registered according to relevant sections of the IPC.

Raids were conducted on a search warrant issued by the Special Designated NIA Court to collect evidence relevant to the ongoing investigation in the case. This action comes after a month when Union Home Minister Amit Shah at an anti-terrorist conference held at New Delhi said, “Along with a ruthless approach, a uniform anti-terrorism structure should be established in all the States/Union Territories.”

Shah had said, “Tough decisions taken by the Modi government have yielded very good results in handling challenges posed by cryptocurrencies, hawala, terror-funding, organised crime syndicates and narco-terror links. Still is more is to be done.”

Ever since the SIA was established in 2021, 124 immovable assets worth crores of rupees that were used to fund terrorist and secessionist-related activities have been attached across the Kashmir valley. Of the 124 seized assets, 77 belong to Jamaat-e-Islami, which was banned by the Union Home Ministry in 2019. The SIA has also uncovered cases related to the sale of Pakistani MBBS seats to J&K residents to fund terrorism.

A senior officer of the State Investigation Agency (SIA) while talking to The New Indian said that “ SIA is committed to dismantle the terror ecosystem in J&K by chocking terror financing channels be it hawala, human cash couriers or banking channels.” The officer added, “A lot more needs to be done to choke and completely demolish the funding channels of Pakistani-sponsored conflict entrepreneurs.”

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