RJD-JDU netas’ son Rocky Yadav acquitted in Gaya road rage case

In May, 2016, Rocky Yadav allegedly shot dead a young man for not giving way to his car on a busy street in Gaya

NEW DELHI | Updated: 22 July, 2023 9:38 am IST
Aditya Sachdeva parents have expressed disappointment over Rocky Yadav's acquittal.

NEW DELHI: Rocky Yadav, the son of politician parents who allegedly killed a young man five years back for not giving passage to his car in Gaya seven years back, has been acquitted by the Patna High Court for lack of evidence.

Rocky’s father Bindi Yadav is a leader of Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) and his mother Manorama Devi is a legislator from chief minister Nitish Kumar’s Janata Dal (United).

Co-accused Teni Yadav, Rocky’s friend, and Rajesh Kumar, the bodyguard of the MLA, have also been acquitted, sparking criticism from the victim’s family, activists, and concerned citizens, who see it as a gross miscarriage of justice.

While reading out the judgment, a bench of Justices AM Badar and Harish Kumar said that the Bihar Police failed to prove that victim Aditya Sachdeva was shot dead by Rocky and his accomplices on May 7, 2016 on a busy street in Gaya.

Rocky Yadav was given life sentence by a lower court, which has now been set aside.

The bench said that the prosecution’s case lacked clarity and reliability, leading to the acquittal based on the benefit of doubt.

The ruling has left Aditya Sachdeva’s family and their supporters disheartened and questioning the judicial system’s integrity. In the aftermath of the verdict, protests have erupted in Gaya and other parts of Bihar, with demonstrators demanding accountability and seeking justice for the slain youth.

Critics argue that the acquittal reflects the power and influence of Rocky Yadav’s family in the political sphere. They allege that political pressure might have influenced the case’s investigation and prosecution, leading to a lackluster presentation of evidence against the accused.

Adding to the frustration, the Patna High Court has set aside the lower court’s life imprisonment sentence for Rocky Yadav, Teni Yadav, and Rajesh Kumar. The court further ordered the refund of any fines collected from the three during their time behind bars.

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