Ram Navami violence: Bengal Governor asks Police to be objective

| Updated: 01 April, 2023 8:18 pm IST

Following the violent clash that erupted in Howrah on Thursday over Ram Navami celebrations, Bengal Governor Ananda Bose has issued a press note stating that stringent measures will be taken to prevent any such recurrence of “criminal intimidation.”

Sending out a strong message to Police, Bose said, “Bengal stands united against the perpetrators of this heinous crime against humanity. Trouble makers and abettors will be made to realise that they cannot play Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde in Bengal anymore. Police should be objective, strong and fair, and should not let down their masters and the peace-loving people.”

“Those who resort to violence under the illusion that they can hoodwink the people will soon realise they are in a fool’s paradise. There will be effective and concerted action to book the culprits and bring them before the law,” the press note reads.

The Governor has also ordered for a compliance report on the violent incident and real-time monitoring of the situation by Raj Bhavan. A special cell has also been constituted for the same.

“Setting fire to public property, that too on the sacred Ram Navami day, is a highly provocative act and will be viewed seriously. Hanuman set fire to Lanka to uphold Dharma. Those who resort to fire for Adharma will be made to swallow the fire themselves or those who are mandated to douse the fire, will it decisively,” said the note.

In a confidential discussion with the Chief Minister, the State Government has been directed to ensure fool-proof arrangements to maintain law and order effectively and take decisive action against miscreants. The Chief Minister has also assured that strict and decisive action will be taken to prevent any such recurrence of “criminal intimidation.”

The Governor has specially mentioned the West Bengal police force, stating that they should not let down the peace-loving people of Bengal. “Raj Bhavan will keep its eyes and ears open to ensure protection to the life, property and dignity of the common man,” he added.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has spoken to the Governor and the West Bengal BJP President Sukanta Majumdar to enquire about the entire situation, especially the violence in Howrah.

On Ram Navami, a clash erupted between two groups, leading to the burning of vehicles on the road, chaos, and injuring people as they ran for safety after 5:30 pm. While the BJP claims that the VHP received all permissions for the Ram Navami procession, the State Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has stated that using an unauthorized route led to the clash and that stringent action will be taken against the miscreants.

Governor Ananda Bose has vowed to take strict action against those involved in the violent incident and prevent any recurrence of such incidents in the future.


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