Rajasthan polls 2023: Safari riders rally for Congress, support CM Gehlot

| Updated: 25 November, 2023 8:16 pm IST

JAISALMER: In the vibrant city of Jaisalmer, often referred to as the Golden City, support for Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot remains evident among safari riders as the state gears up for elections commencing on November 25. The New Indian embarked on a journey into this cultural hub to gauge the sentiments on the ground. TNI’s Executive Editor, Rohan Dua, engaged with locals to capture their perspectives on the incumbent Chief Minister and the initiatives undertaken for the state.

Numerous residents praised the Congress-led government under Gehlot for its impactful welfare schemes. Schemes such as Chiranjeevi Yojana, the Old Pension Scheme, ration kits, and others have left a lasting impression on the electorate.

A local named Jalal, expressed, “I believe the Congress will form the government because they have undertaken significant development work for the state, like the old pension scheme.”

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Many echoed similar sentiments, emphasising the positive impact of the Chiranjeevi Yojana, a medical health insurance scheme by the Ashok Gehlot government, particularly benefiting the impoverished and marginalised populations.

Another local, Ramba Ram stated, “Chiranjeevi Yojna has been a beneficial scheme for us. So, we want Congress to lead the government in Rajasthan.”

A local from Jaisalmer emphasised the importance of schemes like Chiranjeevi Yojana for the poor and rural population, stating, “Where will the poor and rural population go to get medical services? Chiranjeevi is a very good scheme.”

Dinesh, a safari driver, expressed his desire to see the Congress assume power in the desert state. Another resident from Jaisalmer asserted, “Gehlot has done commendable work in Rajasthan, and it seems like Congress will take the reins of the government here.”

A cobbler proudly remarked, “We are Congress supporters. We want Ashok Gehlot as our CM.” Shakur Khan, another resident of the city, echoed the sentiment, saying, “We want to see Congress in the state because the Gehlot-led Congress government has done good work here.”

Ganpat Ram, belonging to the ST community, lauded the various schemes implemented by the Gehlot government, such as Chiranjeevi, ration kits, free smartphones, and others. He expressed, “What more can he do for us? We have received so many schemes. He should continue to be the CM.”

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