PVR INOX, Isha join hands to bring Mahashivratri to big screen

The festival also marks the occasion when Shiva performs his cosmic dance, the Tandava, symbolising the creation, preservation and destruction of the universe.

| Updated: 05 March, 2024 1:50 pm IST

NEW DELHI: PVR INOX, India’s premier multiplex chain, has announced a unique collaboration with Isha Foundation to bring the 30th year of Mahashivratri celebrations to the cinema halls, for the first time. The overnight mega event, which will be held on 8th March, will be broadcast LIVE from the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore, on more than 50 screens across 35 cities in India.

Mahashivratri is one of the largest and most significant among the sacred festivals of India, celebrating the Grace of Shiva, the Adi Guru or the First Guru from whom the Yogic tradition originates. The festival also marks the occasion when Shiva performs his cosmic dance, the Tandava, symbolising the creation, preservation and destruction of the universe.

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The Mahashivratri celebration at the Isha Yoga Center is a spectacle to behold, featuring explosive meditation sessions, enlightening discourses by Sadhguru, the founder of Isha Foundation, and mesmerising musical and dance performances by renowned artists such as Shankar Mahadevan, Gurdas Maan, Brodha V, Paradox, and many others. Isha’s homegrown band, “Sounds of Isha,” will also perform alongside various other artists from all across India.

“The significance of the day is that there is an upward movement of energy in the human body. So this night, we want to spend awake, aware, with our spines erect so that whatever Sadhana we are doing, there is great assistance from nature,” explains Sadhguru, about the importance of staying awake all night on Mahashivrartri. Viewers who attend the screening will not only have the privilege of witnessing this sacred event in the company of fellow devotees but will also receive a specially energised Rudraksha by Sadhguru, which is believed to have various spiritual and health benefits.

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Gautam Dutta, Co-CEO of PVR INOX Ltd, expressed his profound enthusiasm, stating, “The divine festival of Mahashivratri holds unparalleled significance in Indian traditions, offering boundless possibilities for seekers of spiritual divinity. Collaborating with Isha to bring this event to the silver screen for the first time at PVR INOX cinemas for the devotees is an extremely gratifying and blessed opportunity for us. We extend a heartfelt invitation to all devotees to join us at their nearest PVR INOX cinemas and bask in the spiritual magic and make the most of this extremely auspicious festival.”

The screening will start at 6 PM on 8th March and will continue till the permissible cinema operating hours. Tickets can be booked online or at the box office of the participating PVR INOX cinemas.

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