Punjab, Haryana Gangsters Receive Arms, Ammunition From Pakistan

The Delhi Police Special Cell has seized five Chinese grenades, one MP 5, one AK 47 assault rifle and nine semi-automatic pistols dropped by drone at the Indo-Pak border from the Pakistan side.

NEW DELHI | Updated: 29 October, 2022 9:55 am IST
Arms being dropped by drones from across the border

While multiple attempts to smuggle in contraband from across the border have been foiled in recent times, it has also come to notice that it is not only narcotics but even arms and ammunition that are being dropped by drones from across the border.

The Delhi Police Special Cell has seized five Chinese grenades, one MP 5, one AK 47 assault rifle and nine semi-automatic pistols dropped by drone at the Indo-Pak border from the Pakistan side, said police on Friday.

The police have also arrested four sharpshooters who were allegedly going to use these weapons in Punjab and its neighbouring areas. The sharpshooters are identified as Lakhwinder Singh alias Matru, 31, Gurjeet alias Guri, 21, Harmander Singh, 26, and Sukhdev alias Sukha, 28, who are natives of Haryana.

According to police, the alleged gangsters were working at the direction of the Pakistan-backed Khalistani nexus of Harvinder Singh alias Rinda and the Canada-based gangster turned terrorist Lakhbir Singh alias Landa.

DCP (special cell) Manishi Chandra said the Counter Intelligence unit of Special Cell, has been consistently working to identify the touch-points of criminal alliances with Khalistani terrorists. In this series, a full-fledged operation was launched to locate and bring these criminals to justice.

In the present operation, the first strike was on September 24, when Lakhwinder was nabbed from Sarai Kale Khan in Delhi. On October 13, Gurjeet alias Guri, was nabbed near ISBT Kashmiri Gate in Delhi.

“Guri revealed that Harmender and Sukhdev were overseeing a major chunk of cross-border operations for Landa and Rinda. The team’s concentrated efforts and technical surveillance led to the hideouts of these new targets in Moga, Punjab, from where these two were also apprehended on October 18,” said Chandra.

The sophisticated arms are meant for gangsters in Punjab and Haryana who are using them to create unrest in the country


Sustained interrogations led to the finding that recently, several drone droppings were coordinated by Harmender and Sukha and only a portion of the drone-dropped AKs, MP-5s, HE Grenades and Star/Beretta pistols have been recovered and seized by Delhi, Punjab and Haryana police forces in several operations.

Police also said Deepak alias Tinu, who was allegedly involved in the murder of Sidhu Moosewala, had also gotten a part of a consignment of arms from Pakistan through the drone. Five Chinese HE Grenades and two semiautomatic pistols, along with several rounds of ammunition, were recovered from his possession when he was arrested last month.

According to Punjab police, Pakistan-based and ISI-backed Khalistani terrorists Rinda and Landa are freely supplying dangerous, war-like supplies to three distinct gangster groups in India – the Lawrence Bishnoi syndicate, its arch-rival Davinder Bambiha syndicate, and local criminals of Punjab – who continue to work either independently or on a need-to-know basis.

The end objectives of both Rinda and Landa are to execute the tasks which may lead to a resurgence of terrorism in Punjab.

These findings indicate a sinister conspiracy wherein two rival criminal nexuses appear fused like a hydra at the top; the hydra being the ISI-supported Rinda–Landa network. While both rival criminal groups are fighting a bloody turf war in India, both of them are sourcing their weapons and drugs from Rinda and Landa.

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